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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Wild Turkey attacked me....

I have been a little laxed in my blogging due to work stress. But it could only kept me down for a few days at best. This weekends relaxation and much needed R&R was brought to us by my sponser: Wild Turkey and Coors Light.
On Friday we went out to AppleBees with some friends:

Here we have from left to right, the wife unit: Pointing out the fact that our waitress had huge knockers but hers are bigger, Doug: Checking out something that has a vagina on the other side of the glass wall oblivious to what his sister is saying and then we have Christian: To busy with his Jack and beer to notice either of them but nodding in agreement with both of them.

And here we have me keeping the eyes fixed on the tv in fear of getting caught looking at said tits. And yes my wives are bigger and better lol.
We got there a little late so they were having some strange problems, one: They could not find any of the large glasses for the beer so they gave us 2 of the smaller ones, to equal the same amout. I was hoping they would fuck up on the check and only charge us for one small but no such luck.

Here we have the delima: where to start and when to stop?

Bro-In-Law had some serious issues with his car on this trip up here. I had to drive down to exit 3 on the Jersey Turnpik because his car was over heating and could not drive over 30 miles an hour. Mind you this is a truck route and truckers drive like crazy ppl on this road. Even when its raining, you can find these guys driving thier rigs at neck breaking speeds.
And people wonder why they jack knife......but any how!
In all it took about 5 hours to find him and get home. So the next day...Firday....he went to VW and ask what could they do for him. He had an old and abused GTI but wanted a new GTI, they helped him all right! They paid off the loan on his old car and put him in a new 2006 VW GTI but........He now has to pay 500$ smackers a month at 17%, which is ridiculous! But he will refinance it later to bring down his intrest rate.
I drove this beast around for a few and all I have to say is WWWWWWEEEEEEEEE this thing is stoopid fast! First gear...VRROOOOMMMMM.....second gear..VVVVVEERRRRROOMMMM head whipped back like a roller coaster on meth! If this thing is that fast I would love to drive a real sports car, like a Porche or maybe a Lamborgini(sp).
I would love to drive this thing on a track where one could really open this bitch up like a well paid hooker!
Here we have Doug posing like the navy man he is with his car. I had some other pics but they did not come out all that well. I was a little drunk while trying to take these pics lol.

We spent most of Saturday night drinking bourbon and beer and watching 'Where the Buffalo Roam' with Bill Murry laughing our asses off.
But I was able to get some pics of family type fun.
Here we have cheese giving us his best attempt at being the hot baby for the cover of 'Diapers'

Derek Zoolander has nothing on yu Cheese!

The little man loves his TV chairs and table. Dinner and a Movie, it a wide screen to him hahaha.

To go alone with his glamore shot he wanted to make sure his nails where in order as well.

Besides that all was SNAFU-ed as far as work was concerned. And it hasnt gotten any better on Monday, hell I think I has gotten worse since Sunday. I really dont feel like getting into the details but sometimes I wish I could just blurt out what I was thinking. If I had no impulse control things like this would probably come flying out of my mouth:

But I hope someone out there is having a better Monday than me and if its you feel free to rub it in and let me know what I am missing. Maybe I can come work for you, I can wash cook and clean....well if Barbq is cooking lol.


mal said...

you have learned the secret of a succesful marriage! Your wifes boobs are ALWAYS better

*L* great post

sassyassy said...

Smart man to stay so focused!

I have driven on the turnpike many a time and all the drivers are freakin crazy if you ask me.

Carie said...

as always the baby is sooo adorable...

I am glad you got to relax a little anyways...and as Mal said that is a great lesson learned lol

sassyassy said...

So is Cheese a metrosexual in the making? He is too cute!

honkeie2 said...

mal: wives boobs, body in general and cooking is always the best ;-)

sassy: yes the turnpike is where i go to test my insane driving skills. And there is nothing wrong with metro...I have been acused of so haha.

carie: we all need to relax a little, life is to short to stress the small stuff too much.

Martini said...

Hey, one of my best friends is a Product Planner for VW/Audi Canada. He'll be pleased that people are enjoying the Golfs. We now have the Rabbit again, and it is extremely popular here.

Anonymous said...

I love little Cheese. Which one of you taught him how to look sexy?

BTW: Wife unit should always be considered sexiest woman in the room.

caitlyn said...

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Kilroy_60 said...

Where the Buffalo Roam?
Gonzo Guilt!!

Great kidlett pictures