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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Wackos IN NJ
We might mave a serial killer here out in the wonderfull world of NJ. I was listening to the news this morning and I caught 2 stories that turned my head. In the morning the wife unit turns on the news as we go about our moring rituals. It usually goes much like this : The weather 'blablablablablabla' cold 'blablabla' wet 'blablabla'-Now back to the news room for the traffic- Backups 'blablabla' JFK car accident 'blablabla' Dead driver Decapitated 'blablabla' now back to whats-her-name-with-the-big-tits for the local news. Today 'blablabla' thefts 'blablabla' 4 dead women found in ditchs in the Alantic City area.......what what what! I this got my attetnion! There seems to be a serial killer on the run down in Alantic City, even though the police will not say 'Serial' yet. All they know right now is that they have 4 bodies of females that were killed at seperate times by strangelation and dumped face down in road side ditches. We have not had news like this in a while, call me sick but things like this entertain me to no end. Maybe its the fact I fascinated with the dark side of the human mind and what drives ppl to do this. And I dont care who you are everyone has it in them to kill, you just need the right stimuli to get that ball rolling. We veiw killing in a bad we should....because of our society. But once apon a time it was not so. In the frontier days the early Americans saw the natives as less than human, so killing them was nothing. I was no different than killing a rabbit to them, but this was how they were brought up. So, in this day and age to see someone kill with such disregard makes my brain cells fire like crazy. I am not so much bothered by the why......I am more interested in the whole story, the what, why, who, where and how many. I am a sick puppy I know, I always feel a little funny when I go to the library or a book store and ask for the true crime section. I always get these funny looks from the women on that one. I think next time I get a funny look I will give them the grin:

The second story comes from Brooklyn NYC. An older woman calls and tells them that her husband had died. No biggie, old ppl die all the time from...well being old.. The police arrived to the apartment to be faced with a scene that will go down into urban ledge. The old couple were "A" Typical pack rats with the entire apartment filled to the brim with crap. But once they located the late husband they new there was much more to this story than they thought. His body was completly skeletonized. All that was left of him were his bones which were scattered on the floor, or what was left of the floor. The neighbors had no idea and the sons said that their mom had not allowed them into the home in over 3 years. The investigation is under what as to when he died, what prompted her to call now, and to see if Jimmy Hoffa might be in there as well. Fascinating!!!!
And by the way my fav cartoon villian of all time is the joker......go figure on that one. I have even tooled with the idea to get his likeness tattooed on me. But that seems just a little corny for me. But never know, I am white after all and still a redneck at heart. I wonder what Blondie's dad would think of a tattoo like that????

One more little tid bit about me: I usually cheer for the bad guys in movies, I was heart broken when the they killed the Joker of in the first Batman(even thought I am sure they are bring him back in the new adventures), I was all a-tingle with the movies SawI, the movie American Psycho still brings a smile to my face and Jason will live forever damn it hahahhahahahahaha. Halloween might be over but horror moives cum out year round WOOOOHOOOO!

But I will leave on a rather random note but tits on my mind. A little lesson on the hand signals of the over sexed man. I am not sure how well the picture came out so let me describe them

1) The Teaser-----Novice users only(or also know as The BackDoor Key-figure that one out on your own)

2) The Pleaser-----again another beginner tool.

3) The shocker----most well know finger jesture for the man playing hand puppet with his woman.

4) The Spocker----Even geek get freaky

5) The Rocker----Do I need to say more there?

6) And last but not least -The Showstopper- Well, not always but if you get away with the Shocker, then the Spocker, then the Showstopper might end with a Back Alley Brawl. Just remeber your Jimmy Hats people. My dad said to never go out with out my ribbers on any night that looks rough. In my eyes any night can be a rough night, remeber your boyscout teaching_ Be Prepaired! (and never sleep in the scout masters tent no matter what kind of candy he has)


morbid misanthrope said...

Did you ever see that Batman comic where the Joker kills Robin with a crowbar? Nice.

Mr. Fabulous said... are a married man and so one would assume heterosexual, and yet you use the word "a-tingle"...

Very interesting LOL

Miss 1999 said...

Ok, you crack me up- well the last part with the pictures, anyway. I love it! :0)

honkeie2 said...

morbid: yes I actually own that one.....joker wins hands down!

mr fab: yesss and u call yourself mr. Fab-u-lous (incert lisp) hahaha.....I super thanks for assking!

miss1999: :-D I love to crack up and crack down. LOL, cum back soon for more ;)