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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

In the end there will be white....

Since last week the weather people have been calling for snow. Southern NJ did get hammered but the northern parts saw little to nothing. But mother nature came back for round two today. It would seen we are in the grips of a snowy end lol. I am no fan of the snow, its cold, wet and makes people lose their minds! I saw a woman in my class just about flip out when she saw 2 snow flakes. Now this was a full grown woman, with what would seem like a good head on her shoulders. But snow really puts a zap on her! I wanted to get a picture of her but she was out the door in seconds. She went from calm night class mother of two, to a panicked nut job in just about 2 snow flakes! I guess the snow wasnt the only thing flaky out that night.....hahaha that was so funny! I crack myself up!
Sorry about that, i am the only one here in the building and the silence is strating to get to me lol. And with the snow still coming down I might get stuck here! Here is a picture I just took a few minutes ago:

And here is the picture that followed:
I was going to do a hand stand or moon the camera, but a few seconds after I took this I found out there were a few other retards in the building. These people where given the day off because of bad weather conditions, which is the truth of the matter, but they still came in. And these are the same people that will bitch when 2 snow flakes fall and they don't close.
After I almost caught acting like an ass I noticed how cool the flag looked with all the white in the back ground. I do not have a thuper dooper camera with all those artsy fartsy abilities so I was not able to do anything too fancy. I was going to try something on my flickr account but for some reason my work computer is blocking the picture editing software. Strange and stoopid!
All schools have been closed, the wife has off today so that worked out well but I was hoping to get out later tonight to go to the lodge. But they too have shut down due to snow, sleet or rain has ever stopped me from anything. I guess only a few share my passion with challenging the elements to a show down.
Hope the rest of the world is warm and sunny. And for the record I love it when it snows, just because I love watching people loose their minds when they see it! It is just to good not to watch!

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Angel said...

The flag pic is cool!