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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Very late on this one

I have been trying to cure myself of my lazy ways on sooooo many levels. And this includes my blog. I am late on this I know so dont be to hard on me.
Uruguay beat Paraguay 3-0 for the win of the American Cup! Like I said I am late, kill me NOW!

Now I am not a huge fan of spectator sports for many reason, it does nothing for me, I could careless about what team beat this team or the fact that if one team wins over another my life doesn't change what so ever.
But my wife is from South America so you know what sport is well followed in my house.......that right soccer.....oh wait I am sorry Fotobul....or ball or whatever. And my stance doesn't change on this when soccer time comes around. I wont go into a rant about my dislike of this sport, which the sport itself is one hell of a sport to play, but I will say I have a true hate for the bullshit in this game.
What do I mean by bullshit you ask? The trick of pretending to get hurt by the opposite team in hopes of getting a flag called on the player or to get a free kick. Sorry but that is bullshit in my book. I have had to leave the room more than once after seeing this strategy being used over and over again.
Come on, is that all you got? Pretending you got hurt? Come on there are cameras everywhere and the whole world just saw you fake an injury, and very poorly at that. Imagine if they did this in boxing or rugby? You would be laughed out of the ring or the field. I am sorry for this rant over a rather well played match by Uruguay. Which by the way they only pretended to get hurt a few times.

This was goallllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll number three which just about set in stone who was going home the winner

Sister in Law, Sharon and wife celebrating their country's win.

The wife wanted to go down to this Uruguayan bakery where all of the 100 or soo people from Uruguay where going to go to celebrate the win. Here we have Sharon showing that in all the excitement she forgot to fix her pants.

It was a hot and steamy day, the humidity jumped to about a %100 the moment we got into the crowd. It was wild but in a very controlled kind of way; no fights, no one vomiting, a few drunks here and there but in all a very good crowd.

Now when I said the 100 or soo Uruguayans were going to be in one spot I meant it! It was not a complete mob scene but there were alot of people in a very small area.

Here we have the wife and her sister showing their country pride.

Here is another picture of one of the drummers, and for the life of me I cannt remember his name?!?!?!

I am not sure if that was his truck he was standing on but the whole time we were there I did not hear anyone scream, "Hey asshole get off my truck!"

Well, all this noise did bring the cops out. At first they did nothing but as more and more peopled showed up they had to block off the street. And they even took time to take care of some police business with one of the locals. PS.....he wasnt part of our group lol

So much South American stuff going on in one small area!

Just some random crowd shot with a girl and her party cup!

Nothing says party guy like no shirt and a flag for a cape!

They were signing all kinds of songs I didnt know, but then again I dont speak Spanish haha

Well after a time the police did have to break us up and asked us to take to the park across the street. There was no permit for this celebration so technically we were all breaking the law. And even once we got to the park the cops kept harassing us, but we then learned that as long as we keep moving we could continue. Rules rules rules......they were made to be broken and bent to fit our needs and wants haha.

Oh and this guy, no clue i guess he likes women I dont know......

The popo making sure we all listened to the rules and that no one stood in one spot for too long. I wonder if jogging in place counted as well?

I took this one for one obvious reason.....I have never seen this one before. I had a friend that had the back of his neck pierced, this tongue, his eye brow and even that little piece of skin that connects the top lip to your gum line.....yeah that little piece of skin inside your mouth between your teeth and lip(And I know anyone reading this is tonguing it right now)....his nose and a good number of them in his ears as well. But he did not have this one! Sorry Dave she got you on this one!

I know this looks like the beginning of something very bad, but everyone listened and obeyed. We kept it civil and, as far as I can tell, no one was arrested that day.

In all everyone had fun and everyone went home knowing that even thou the other team tried Uruguay took home the cup. Better luck next year, may this time around you should work on your game instead of your acting.


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I so totally just tongued that spot in my mouth. Then I laughed.

That gathering looks like a lot of fun. Around here someone would start looting or shooting or something stupid.

honkeie2 said...

Well I bet it has a lot to do with all dem trialer park dewlers lol. That and the kegs of beer being consumed at the after party lol