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Thursday, February 15, 2007

HNT...put off until Friday...

Due to the nightmare that fell from the sky HNT has to be put off until Firday. I will have a much better post then, today is just going to be a quick bitch about ice and snow.
This morning I was greeted with a nice winter present, my car in a block of ice. Snow can be shoveled away but ice takes a bit more. I first tried the regular snow shovel but it did nothing, then I brought out the garden shovel and went to town! Even that was not working, luckily a nice man stopped and gave me a hand getting the car out. I have helped complete strangers out in the past and maybe this was a little pay back. I cannt count the number of ppl I have given money to after a sob story. The last guy I gave 20$ to, he had the most believable story out of the lot.
I beleive I even blogged about it some time ago and I was going to troll around and put the link up......but again I am lazy and dont feel like it.
He just seemed to come out of nowhere, I was driving down this side street. We waved me down and started to tell me he ran out of gas and that he not bring his credit cards with him. He tried to get authorization for payment over the phone but the gas station would not take it. He said he was a mechanic from Red Bank NJ and he was in a big pickle, he was on his way to the airport to get his wife and kid.
He even offered to give me his watch for gas money, it was a nice Mavado watch and looking back I should have taken it but I am not like that. After he finished his story I took a look at him and he had all the tail-tell signs of a mechanic, rough hands, tan work boots(dirty), blue cover alls, flannel shirt and just an over all arua of grease monkey. I might be a sucker for a good sob down on his luck but I felt this guy was telling the truth. With that I gave him my last 20 I had for the week and let me tell you I needed that money! It wasnt like it was just hiding there, I was assed out for about 5 days after that, but I felt I did the right thing. And maybe that gift was what got me out of my ice prison this morning. I am a very paranoid person but I also believe in helping out your fellow man.......and woman. Donate an orgasim, so many ppl go everyday without one.
I do stop and help ppl but if its late and I cannt see you, sorry you are on your own. I have read enough true crime novels to know about the wackos out there. If I really think you are in trouble I will call the popo for ya and wish you good luck-----with my windows rolled up and the doors locked. I am all for brotherly love but I am agaist getting stabbed, duct taped and laid to rest in a shallow grave.
Now I am off to get some crap down, and make sure you cum back Friday I will have HNT and a TiTs Friday post to boot. I have had this TiTs FridaY post in the wings for 2 weeks now, sometimes there just isnt enough hours in one day to see all the boobage on the internet!

1) Last winter snow storm of '06' from my now dead Dodge.

2) Some random pic I found on line when looking up 'Snow Day'


guttergirl said...

Take it from someone who lives in the Great White North.

Make sure you stay warm and you don't become a big block of ice. Have a great day

Nikky said...

wow, I am sorry for your crap of ice and snow... being in Minnesota, I know what it's like! Not this year, of course, not much snow, just BITTER cold (barely been above -10 for the last 2 weeks)but I do remember (not fondly) having to de-ice a vehicle...not fun!
Do yourself a favor and stay home tomorrow call in (cough) sick or something!

morbid misanthrope said...

The weather's been nuts lately. For example, today I almost had to put on pants. Crazy!

That's CA for you. Although, one time I did have to scrape a thin layer of frost off my windshield. I suggest using a neighbor's cat for that job.

Carie said...

I've seen the pics on the I hope you guys get a break...hope you all are keeping warm...and don't you miss being a kid and having a snow day ;o)

Martini said...

After a good sob story about a dude's daughter in the hospital, and the guy needing cab-fare to get there, I gave him everything I had on me - a fiver.

I felt like the biggest sucker. The curse of driving around in my old Jeep with no doors or roof on.

Later, the guy was arrested for some kind of fraud. Apparently he'd been telling everyone the same story - and it wasn't true.

Miss 1999 said...

Ok, ya'll got POUNDED with snow-- I thought our two inches was a lot! DAMN, I don't even know what snow is *L*...

Anyway, that was nice of you to help out that man, giving your last $20.00 is a big deal-- I'm proud of ya *hugs*

K said...

I'm sick of snow. SICK. The first snowfall was pretty. The second, too, I'll give it that. Now, I just want to hit frosty and take his lunch money. Spring please.

Anonymous said...

my poor, poor man! january 1996
was the last blizzard for this jersey girl..rather deal with least its warm! Having sat on 287 for 9 hours after being held captive at work for 4 days brings one to make drastic decisions. PA's Rt 80 cluster fck last week?? My car would still be sitting there, keys
in it. Nice people in the local pubs in that area. Sitting in your car crying over being stuck is stuipd and a waste of time. Hate to bring it up but, I remember snow in April...stuck at EWR.
Don't have nor'easter parties anymore or what? Thats a Jersey tradition man!!!