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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Weekend round up.....

1) On Friday the wife was invited to a birthday party of one of the cops that watch the bank she works at. I was not sure how it was going to turn out, it was being held at a bar I would not venture to in the day light let alone go there at night! But as the night wore on and the free beer kept jumping at me I was alllllll right. It was strange having people I didnt know buy me dirnks but if you want an instant me BEER!

The birthday boy got an awesome cake made to resemble his favorite drink....Dewarts. I tried to get a picture of it but it was so dark they all came out crappy. But let me tell you it was great, it stood about a foot in hight and looked like a real bottle!

One of the cool parts of the bar was this digital junk box, it was $1 a song or 12 songs for $5. Me and the missus kept attacking it because if you did not feed it, it would randomly play crappy spanish music. Now I am not saying spanish music sucks.....ok yes I am .....I cannt stand typical spanish music, just as I am sure most people that listen to that would loath my punk and metal taste. Which is why i subjected them to it by force; by putting in my cash and playing everything from Flogging Molly, NOFX, Nickleback, Seether and Mega Death. Take that you non english speaking bar maids! And yes there were 3 TIGHT pants wearing bar maids there serving us our drinks. But several things to note about that:

1) When you are a bartender it is usually a bad idea to get drunk with everyone else....bad buisness.

2) Big Boobs does not equal good bar service. These had to be the worse bar tenders I have ever had. Ok, the whole not being able to speak english did not help but come on....Vodka Sour isnt rocket science! Watching her make me a rum and coke was down right painful!

3) And if you do get drunk while working; going into the crowd and pinching everyones butt is also a no-no in the bartenders hand book. Lets just say I did not point out she pinched my butt with the wife standing right next to me.....I actually thought it was my wife until she pointed out that the bartender was pinching everyone elses butt that night. Oh what a nightmare that would have been.

Also not to mention my wife had 4 beers! I know no one here knows my wife but she never drinks beer, that was just too awesome in my book!

But while I was there I did notice something that got me giggling to myself. Does anyone remember those Coors Light,or was it Bud....., commercials back in the 80's? You know, the one where the guy asks the bartender for a 'Light' and all kinds of craziness would happen? Well, I do and this clock made me think of them:

All in all it was a good night, our cop friend offered us a police escourt home but the wife said she ok to drive.....I need more cop friends i think.Never know when you might need a favor lol. We get home and, I learned later, that i passed out on the bed sideways. The wife isnt strong enough to roll me so she tried in vain to wake me. But when that failed she said she resorted to the only thing she could think of the get me 'up'........thats right, she started nut slapping until I moved. What where you thinking hmmmmmmm? Dirty minded fools, well actually I thought that was what she was going to tell me too! But I was to drunk to notice or remember the assualt. And she said it bearly worked, man I must have been assed out!

2) Saturday went by pretty normal, not even a hang over, until the night fell. Seth woke up around 2300hrs and started vomitting. And continued this every 10-15 minutes until 0500 Sunday morning. I was up playing COD4 so every other game I was running to his room to race him over to the toliet. I did no plan on staying up that late playing but I figured if I was going to be awake all night mine as well make something out of it. I finally got to sleep around 0430 when I turned vomit patrol over to the wife. She said he got up 2 more times after that but I was out and did not hear a thing!

3) Sunday, I got a present from the ex when she decided not to go to church on Super Bowl Sunday at 0930, and I got to keep the oldest a little longer. He spent the night over at the inlaws house to play with Alan, and his Xbox. We joined him later that morning, Seth woke up as cheerful and insane as he usually does. No one would have known by the look of him that he spent the whole night blowing chunks!
Off to the inlaws we went, I played outside on the ice with the boys. It would seem that the side of the house has a water problem creating a pond of ice. We spent some time sliding about on it, I got pretty banged up, even bruised my knee. Nothing big, just annoying the next day. From there we went outback for some snow soccer and snow balling. After we frozed our fingers off we went in to defrost. later on that afternoon it got a lot warmer and we were able to back out. No jackets needed at that point, so Alan brought out his skyrunners to get some practise.

1) Getting them on is an adventure in itself!

2) He said it is like learning to walk all over again!

3) The mud made for a perfect place to fall if need be, but the left over ice was most unwanted.

4) After about 30 minutes or so he just about had it down pat!

5) The hardest part about them he said was just standing still. He even was able to do a few hops by the end of his exercise.

6) I took a quick video with my Olympus, the battery was about to die so I only got a few seconds of it. This was his first walk in the street. After about 4 trips up and down the street he no longer needed a hand....or head in the wife's case.

We had a good number of people stopping and starring, I wish I had gotten the a video of him walking and doing the princess wave to passing cars. I was waiting for someone to crash while watching him do his thing lol.
The rest of Sunday went rather well, ate, did laundry, ate again and steam clean the living room floors. All this snow and salt is causing hell on the floors in the house!
And Shelia I did weigh in this weekend, I will get a picture of it soon. I weighed in at 213.5!
I started at 222, so I have lost 8.5 pounds in just over 2 weeks! I am getting serious damn it and I will have a flat gut come this beach season! I have not been 200 lbs in many years, I want to be there by summer. I still have to get my ass in gear as far as working out in conserened, got the diet thing down now on to sweating!


Ranger Tom said...

Word of advice...

If you don't like crappy Spanish music, DO NOT come to Florida!

Cop friends are the best to have... Especially leaving the bar at 2 AM...

Martini said...

sky runners look awesome! Sorry to hear about the bar experience. I'd be in teh corner crying. Nah, I'd probably jump behind the bar and start mixing drinks for everyone myself!

~Sheila~ said...

Well you are super lucky because I always have to listen to crappy spanish music. Of course, I don't know which is actually crappy since I'm not fluent but I don't understand...therefore I don't like.

I have a few cop friends too.

I wonder how it's going to be when he starts to RUN in those things. How do you stop?

honkeie2 said...

Tom: it is sooo good to have you back! and thanks for the warning!

martini: I almost did just back there but they did have big boobs after all!

sheila: I dont understand therefore I dont like....I like the way you think!

Steph said...

Love this post!! This is what I miss about all my old blogger friends. Getting a peek into the fun crazy world of others :)

I'm gonna have wild fun night out this weekend with a friend I havent seen in a long time-- who's a cop!! yay---- I have a cop friend :)

The Jukebox playing spanish crappy music unless you kept feeding it more money, reminded me of some sort of weird twist on "Little Shop Of Horrors". "Feeeeed me Honkeie! or I will play more bad spanish tunes!"