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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

His first time....

Last night (1/27/2009)was Seth's first trip to the dentist. So I get home get him changed and brush our teeth. But then as I am getting myself changed I see him running from the kitchen, with a mouth full of cookies! So it was back to the bathroom for another brushing. But this time I instructed him not to eat, I forgot I had to add that part in on round one.

So our teeth are ready and off we go!

Now as you can see he doesnt have many teeth. He is almost 6 and many of his baby teeth have already been snatched up by the tooth fairy. But never the less we needed to go and see the doc.

Over all the doc gave him a good bill of health. He said that he had no cavities and that we need not to worry about his grown up teeth. They are on there way. Seth did a very good job at not squirming around too much .

But he was no real fan of the flouride protection jell. In his words, 'Daddy that was nasty!'

Then it was my turn for a deep cleaning and a check up.

Seth asked to have his picture taken again so the two crazed monkeys got ready to fling some pooh!

In the end the doc said my teeth and gums were healthy but i have 3 cavities and I need a crown on a cracked tooth. He went on to say the reason behind all of my cavities is because of how my teeth formed. He told me that the very surface is to blame, there are little valleys that I cannt brush that form most of my cavities. But the crown is needed because one of the back tooth that cracked! But he said it can be saved and I am in line for a gold tooth soon. Yes, i said GOLD TOOTH! He said he likes to use gold on back teeth because it is pliable and less likely to break. He said if it was a front tooth he would have used porcialian. So I am one tooth closer to my gold grill bitchs!
I started this post last week but due to my slacker ways I am just getting in out now. I will have another post very shortly about this past weeked. Highlights of my weekend....
1) Getting hammered with a bunch of cops
2) Up to 0400hrs with son frowing up....ewww
3) Ice and snow balls
4) Alan and his skyrunners
5) My weigh in....and its good!


♥SaV♥ said...

Gold teeth...sweeeeeet! Any diamonds or anything? Cause I want a platinum grill with pink diamonds...will dental insurance cover that!?

~Sheila~ said...

Turning into an OG over night, huh?
That's cool. You're gonna have to smile all of the time with your mouth open (oh already do that) so that everyone can see your gold grill.

Devyn is JUST NOW getting a tooth in front. Both of them have been out for over a year and he was losing the ones around it. I was worried about needing to puree his food soon because he wasn't going to have any way to chew.

Aurea Robillard said...

Good thing you didn't have a hard time with Seth's first appointment. Some kids are scared during their first time with the dentist. So did you get your gold tooth?