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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Wow I missed hump day!

I must say having a day all to myself was well worth missing my Tuesday meeting. You see, I was supposed to have gone to an all day training seminar on Tuesday. But things did not work out as planned so I ended up staying home all by MYSEF! I could have shit I was so stoked! I played COD4, played with myself and cleaned. I had that house spotless by the time the wife got home. The beds were made, the living room straightened up, the kids room in order (somewhat) and even got most of the kitchen cleaned. And you know what, I loved every minute of it. Some times even things that look like they are starting off crappy can end happily lol.

I dont know about other schools out there but here in my neck of the ghetto the schools do not have recess like we did when we where little. It was a great place to learn social skills, chase girls and just be kids. It was also a place to burn off some of that never ending supply of energy that children seem to have. But now they have done away with this tool for the sake of I dont know what, and now the teachers are faced with overly active children that wont sit still or listen. We get daily reports on our little idiot and here is what the teacher wrote on one of them:

How dare a five year old not control his activity level, I mean of all the nerve how uncouth and fatuous of this child! I mean why cannt he be more in control of himself in such an adult setting? But it isnt the teachers fault and they have to write this, I am actually thinking of writing the school board about this. Not sure what it will accomplish but sending nasty letters to non-existent department heads is what being American is all about.

Speaking of being all American my son got me the drink hat for Christmas:

And as one can see I finally took that bad boy out for a test drive this past weekend. The only real draw back is that once you start drinking you really cannt stop. They have that little clip on the tube but it doesnt really stop the flow very well. So I down 2 beers at once in less than a minute to say the least. WOOOOOOOOO BEER!
Also this weekend we used another toy that was a Xmass gift, the air soft gun. I went over to the neighbors house and he brought his out too. And while out back running amuk my son, the 13 year old, shot me right in the nose. It did not hurt that much just because it was so damn cold but it did bleed a little. This also brought to mind the need for safety glasses for next time around, I want to keep my eyes thank you.

It isnt very clear but that little red dot was bleeding in the snow on Sunday! 'And on the seventh day he bled in the name of fun!'


Carie said... recess? And they want little ones to sit through the day? Thats just crazy...I could not imagine not having recess lol, as a teacher its my favorite part of the day, get the kids completely worn out, then we do circle time lol...makes life so much easier. And ouch on the BB to the nose kids my brother shot me with a bb gun many many times, I wish it would have been an air soft lol...I even had to have a minor surgery to get one removed from my arm lol. Gotta love bif brothers lol

~Sheila~ said...

Recess is a necessity! I make my kids go outside and do SOMETHING when they get home.

I wish my husband would hang out at home and clean all day. Can I borrow you?

I'm not a big fan of allll. My kids know this so they know not even to pretend to be playing with guns.

Come catch up..I had asked you a question on one of my blogs..

Breigh (Canadutch) said...

Recess was my favorite part of the school day! I can't imagine what it must be like for the kids without getting any kind of break to let off steam.

Ugh, poor little things!