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Monday, May 11, 2009


Yes I put Thank God its Monday...I can finally sit down! This was a super busy weekend that did not end until 0130 this morning! Lets go back a few days:

I took the day off to go register for school, I am now officially a Kean University student. I will be graduating, hopefully, in 2012. The wife unit went with me to get me all set up for school. I am sooooo glad that she was with me. She graduates this Thursday, so she is a whiz at all the ins and outs of this process. As soon as the long winded 'Welcome to Our School' talk was over we ran over to the registration computers and she told me just what to do. And with in minutes I was all set up and out the door. And I even got a free tee shirt, which wasn't free; it will end up costing me over $30,000! So in reality it wasn't free!
We then went over to the school cafe which was really nice and not to pricey. I got a huge ass salad, which had no ass in it thank you, and she had a tuna wrap thingie.
From there we ran to the bank to take care of more adult type things, then to DMV to replace my license I lost (which my son found the old one the NEXT FUCKING DAY!) And then from there we ran home. I had to be back at work for some much needed over time way out in bumble fuck Cranbury NJ! But I was young and needed the money....oh wait that was a line from a movie...I have to come up with my own catch phrases lol.

The wife had to work so I had to take the monkey to his teeball game solo. Luckily my oldest son was with us and watched the baby while I was out. You see I am an assistant coach but slowly becoming the coach. I really dont mind but I wish he would just give me the the reigns and let me do it. He isnt a bad guy and really knows what he is doing, but he has a lot on his plate and does not seem to have enough time for everything he has to do.
This was my first game coaching solo and I think I did alright. At least me team did not tackle each other every time the ball was hit! But as I was out there on the field with all these kids it really dawned on me that these are the years these little ones are going to remember. These will be the memories they will carry for the rest of their lives. No memory stays with you like the ones you made from the ages of 5-18. The memories I have as a kid are more vivid and clear that the ones I made while in my 20's. And the thought came to me that I had to make this fun for them. I see some coaches and parents really yelling at their kids because they were lost in space or found the dirt in their glove more interesting than the game...and you know what its really ok. They are just kids, dont get me wrong I am screaming up a storm to keep their focus on the ball alllllllll the time. They lose track really fast, and I dont want them to get hit because they were not looking! I rotate the kids around the field during every inning just so no one felt left out or not part of the team. I favor no one, not even my own. Hell I try to make him work the most. He isnt super jock so he really could careless where I put him, so he really isnt the problem. Come to think of it none of them are a problem.
After the game we went home to find our neighbor was putting up a new basket ball back board. So after we did our little barbq cook out we moved on over there to play for about ......9 hours or so! We had a few drinks, bullshitted about everything and nothing and bounced around the ball. It was a workout I will tell you! Oh, and yes I really really suck at all sports. I love playing them, I am just not very good at them lol.

Sunday(mothers day):
We hit the ground running at 0830hrs running to my moms house who lives out in Manville, NJ. It takes us about an hour or so to get there, so there was the travel time involved. Then I had to have the oldest back at his mom's sisters house at 1300hrs. So another race in the car. They are staying at the sisters house because the ex is divorcing her current husband and does not feel safe at their home. (Long story for a up coming post).
Then from there we went to the wife's mothers house. I dug around the garage to find a few things we have been meaning to get. Golf clubs (again I suck but still play), my practise net and a gazebo tent thingie. We bought it for her moms backyard and since we dont live there anymore we wanted it back :-P
Doug, I swear your dad is turning that garage into a truck part grave yard!
From there we went food shopping then home. Where we feed the kids, I gave the baby a bath and the wife finally got to do want she wanted to do all day....sit! While she sat I clean and washed cloths. I did not get to the kitchen, that will be today's adventure. She was out cold by 2030hrs, I did not get to bed to almost 0130hrs! So you can see why I am soooo happy to be at work today! I have done little to nothing work wise today, total slacker day but its almost time for me to go home. So that means I am about to make the made dash to get everything done in one hour that I should have been doing all along this morning!
Happy Monday to all.....


Danielle said...

Happy Monday!!! Sounds like u had a busy weekend. I didntknow u were signing up for school!! congrats! and work hard! lol

Angel said...

So which son found the DL the next day? Could this be the beginning signs of a Fake ID business?

Hope you spoiled the wifey a bit. 3 kids and all boys. :P

Mom Taxi Julie said...

Busy busy weekend! The best coaches are the ones that aren't too mean but don't let the kids walk all over them too.

Cairo Typ0 said...

Congrats on enrolling in school! :) That's a huge step - i'm sure you'll do great!! :)

~Sheila~ said...

YAY!! School is hard work but it'll be worth it. I know.
Tell your wife we shared the same present. I got to sit and do nothing too.

Coaching is going to be funny.
Send Pics!!

Ranger Tom said...

You are so right about the meories made from 5 to 18 are the clearest and most vivid... The memories I have of my 20's are lost in a hazy alcohol-induced blur...

honkeie2 said...

Danielle: Ugh I dont want to go!

Angel: You never know!

MomT: Got to crack that whip softy.

CairoT: thanks I will need it!

sheila: I would get pics but its hard when you are always the one running!

RangerT: I know I was 20 something....I have pictures of it but I dont remember much!