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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It only took me 3 days......

But here is my post on our little adventure at the Starland Ballroom in Sayerville, NJ for the Korn concert.
The Starland Ballroom is the old Hunka Bunka night club, and if any old school guido's from NJ are reading this you will know all about it. Oh wait they only use the internet for myspace, facebook and other douchie websites.
Well, any way it is a very small venure by anyones standards and usually has big names. But this is one of the biggest I have seen there to date, and we had tickets! I was not sure how to get there so I went to the site to get directions and see I saw that the show was sold out.....oh shit! This is a small club with nothing but an open floor, so I knew what that ment....lots of smashing and bashing.
And boy did they NOT disappoint us! We got there early to get a place up front by the stage. Because at shows like this once you get up front you dont leave, for anything! Because if you do there is no going back.
But while outside in line we see this lovely putting on makeup for at least 45 minutes in her car. You would have thought she was going to a dance club or something. Two hard rock bands and one death metal band.....not really the place for foundation and pumps honestly!

The opening act was Burning Halo, not a bad band but you could not hear his mic at all. This was to be played out all night long. Which is really my only real gripe with the whole night. Getting my nose almsot biggie, paying $20 for 2 drink, sucks but I should have shown up drunk.....having smelly ass bastards dropped on my head time and time problem, some asshole elbowing my wife in the face and the me returning the love by elbowing him in the sweat, seeing one of the security guards get vomited on....fucking awesome and having god knows what grinding up on my ass...all exscusable. But the mic problem really pissed me off.

And being the opening band has to be the suckiest part because no matter how good you are the crowd isnt there to see all. And Burning Halo does have one good song I know...Dirty Girl. Go youtube it, it is ranchy and dirty, I loved it!
The next band was Shadows Fall, now if you are not a fan of death metal this will really fall on deaf ears. And yes we saved our ears that night thanks to ear plugs. I dont care if hardcore motherfuckers think this is gay, but that night when I left the one thing that did not hurt was my ears.
In my book they did an awesome job, white dude with dreeds doing death fucking cool it that!

And to top it off we were so close the wife got some great shots. Her job at this show was camera girl, my job was to keep the surging sea of human sweat and flesh back. Which by the second band it was painfully obvious this was going to more of an endurance workout than running a marathon.

I always have been fasicinated with the drummers of bands, they have to have the hardest job! They keep the tempo and pace the whole show, I always give props to them. And I even got a drum stick from this band....go me!

While we were wating for the show to start we met some really cool people. And it turns out they are in a death metal band that has actually played here! Too fucking cooool! The name of the band is Tourment, and I found them on myspace and asked to be their fwends. I am cool now...right I cool now? Here check them out~~~~> Tourment
Here we have Nick, vocalist, and his girl...what a cutie couple.

In the back we have Robert, he is on bass....and see that douche in the brown hat? Him and his 3 analy touched friends where huge dicks. Yes you are a bunch of fat bad asses who have some serious problems but why come here and bother those of us under 300 pounds?

Here we are before the big push!

This is Dillion, the guitarist. He start this little friendship by asking...'Name a Disney movie' And from there the discussion of porno versions of Disney movies......Anyone up for 'Jurassic Pork' or how about 'Blow White and the seven Dorks'?

Robert again showing us his best 'Someone just touched my ass' face.

These guys where awesome, but I think my wife's knockers probably were the main reason they helped us out. Tits good to have friends in low places lol.

As they were setting up the stage for Korn we got to see the play list of songs JD was to sing. And that little black box there with pink tape turned out to be a karaoke machine that help him remember the words to his songs. Hey he isnt as young as he once was......and he even had oxygen on stage that he was frequently getting old and being a rocker must suck lol!

Here we have the mic stand he uses at all of his shows. I forget the name of the painter that made this for him. It was a custom piece by this guy that does futuristic, adult type art work. I also think he was one of the people that helped design the original alien in the movie Aliens.....not sure I will have to do some research on this for later.

Like I said the wife's job was taking pictures, and she did an awesome job. Any closer and she might have blinded him!

This is Munky, he took over the job of guitar when Head left. Got to love the war paint!

JD on pipes right before Shoots and Ladders!

Belt it out like a crack whore! Awesome shot

And here we have a crowd favorite...Fieldy. He is the bassist for the band and for some reason all the meat heads seem to love this guy. He comes with his own body guard, some huge Mexican with the words 'HellBound' tattooed on his neck. And I am not sure but if you look closely you can see that he has the head of Jesus in his armpit.....ouch and double ouch!

This is a parting shot I took as we left the place. It was hot, steamy and smelled like hell by the time we left. As we where leaving one of our security friends gave the wife a guitar pic that was on the stage....toooo cool! One more thing to add to the scrap book of our lives!

ps.............for days my arms, neck, sides and legs have been sooo freakin sore getting out of my car has been painful. Nothing beats the workout one gets at a concert, no gym could ever simulate that with any machine! Unless they stick you in little room and let a bunch of monkeys beat the crap out of you, then maybe they might be close!


Becky said...

There is an idea for a new kind of workout! Go to a Korn concert. I'm sure Metallica, Pantera, Disturbed, etc., would all be pretty good work outs too.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I'm too old for that stuff!

Ranger Tom said...

I'm getting a little old for that stuff too...

Looks like a good time was had by all though!

honkeie2 said...

becky: oh yes...but the older the band the older the crowd. Those old thrash metal guys probably dont have the same stamina as they used to lol.

MomT: Never to Old to Rock!

RangerT: Not everyones cup of tea....when they serve tea I ask for whiskey and water.

Danielle said...

wow love the pics!!!!!!!

~Sheila~ said...

I have never been to a concert. I do know that they can get roudy, though.
You guys scored big with band souveniers. LUCKY!!