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Thursday, June 23, 2011

New weight loss product!

I am huge on using the latest and greatest fad do-dad or supplement. I have used just about everything under the sun in the realms of health and fitness.

And I think it is time I start to write about my experience with them. So let me start off with my newest trial....Sensa. I saw the ad and had to try it. I mean it was only $10 for a two month trial supply.

I cannt really say much about the product as of yet, I just started using it but I can say this about the billing.....Be careful when ordering! They put you on automatic billing the moment they ship you your 'Free trail'. I was lucky enough to have a wife that is smart enough to tell me to go and check how they do their billing. Because after a quick look at my profile on their web site I found that I was on a billing cycle. These people are tricky tricky. The product itself is in the trial stages for me so I cannt really say much, so stay tuned for that. But I really dont like they try to scam you into getting repeat orders without you having to request it first. Read the fine print people and listen to your wife/husband. They can be right some of the time you know!


I am away for the weekend, starting Firday. The family is going to Lancaster PA, we are all going out to see Thomas the Train. My little one is fucking mental about Thomas. So this should be interesting, lots of pictures will be taken!


Martini said...

They bill the same way in Canada for gym memberships. You can't join a gym without giving them a credit card. None of the major gyms will take cash.

Hammy said...

And with gay marriage being legalised in NY you might have to ask hubby first.

honkeie2 said...

Marini: Got to be on your toes at all times if you want to save money lol

Hammy: hahaha, to each his own. I dont like man butt, but there are some out there that do lol