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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Part one...Thomas the Train

This past weekend we took the kiddies to see Thomas the Tank Engine up in Lancaster,PA. We stated for 3 days and two night because we also went to Dutch Wonderland for the first time. Which was only about 2 blocks from the hotel.

Day one was Thomas, and since Lucas is just mental for Thomas you can imagine who was the happiest that day. You want to see a child stop in his tracks? Just turn on the TV and put on Thomas, no matter what Lucas is doing it will come to a halt the second he hears that song!

Here is the our first picture of the Thomas adventure.

This was one of those simple little rides you see everyday out side of grocery stores, but here in Thomas land there was a line for it! I did not have .75$ on me for the ride but some nice lady gave me the money. Remember people, its the random acts of kindness that can really make a persons day. Thank you random woman with some extra change for making Lucas one happy boy.

I always pictured the conductor like the one I saw that day, he was picture perfect. Not the cleanest but definitely the most believable.

I was disappointed I could not get him to talk to me. We all know how celebrities are these days, always to busy to stop and talk with the little ppl lol.

Everyone stopped at this one crossing to put change on the tracks. It was like getting a sacred token from some spiritual guru or something.

We have a blessed penny and a nickle....I really need to find them and get a picture of them. God only knows where they might be now!

Every time we go to a show or something like this I am always reminded of the episode of 'Rockos Modern Life' It was this show I used to watch all the time that went off the air many years ago.....but anyway.....Rocko and his buddy go to this ski lodge that had a sign 'Everything $5'. Who could resist a ski lodge that was only 5 bucks right? But here is the rub.....EVERYTHING was $5, the boots, the ski rental, the ride to the top of the mountain, the bathrooms.....'Everything 5$' doesn't sound so good anymore does it?

Well here we have the booth where you can get you picture taken with Thomas, but it wont cost $5....more like $30 or more!

So we wanted until he backed up to get a picture. Not as good or as fancy but years from now all they will see is the memories made that day.

Here is something you dont see on the rail lines anymore. I love how they kept this in perfect condition.

ChooChoo......sorry I had to do that

And of course what trip into Lancaster would be complete without some pictures of the Amish people. Man these people creep me the fuck out. Now dont get me wrong the ones I have meet have always been the most polite and helpful people you could ever know. But their accents and the language they speak.....I mean come on why do you have a foreign accent you were born in American?!?!?!

Lucas loves trains, wouldn't it be funny if he actually grew up to work with them.

Tickets, have your tickets ready....or I will throw your fat touristy ass right out the fucking window no free-loaders on this ride!

Lucas, Mommy and Seth. Ever notice the one with the camera very rarely ever gets in the picture

Goodbye Thomas....we will see you again next year!


Hammy said...

Admit it. You had just as much fun as Lucas.

Martini said...

That train is pretty dang impressive. Almost justifies the prices... almost.