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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fathers Day Weekend

This past weekend was fathers day, belated happiness goes out to all the fathers of the world, adopted, step dads and fosters dads as well. It was a good weekend with with no complains, except for the fact I wish there was an extra day of rest lol.

Saturday, Seth had his piano test at Kean University and did wonderfully! Here we have a picture the morning of the test.

And here we have Seth warming up on one of the practise pianos. They have a bunch of them in these little sound proof rooms. I am really curious as to how they got them in there?

His test score: 96%. Who knows, he might make something out of this in his future.

We had our last baseball game of the season, which was the play offs for the finals. We did not make it but that did not seem to bother Seth one bit.
We also went to the park by our house. Looking at the pictures from the park one would think I live in a very wood area. And even from an areal view it would seem that way, but never ever judge by looks alone. Welcome to the jungle, the ghetto jungle that is lol. Where the park is full of blunt wrappers, dime baggies and empty bottles of Old E and Natty Ice haha!

They had 8 swings at the park, 4 baby swings and 4 big kid swings. Well, recently they took down the big kid swings and put in new ones. But now we have 6 baby swings and only 2 big kid swings. I wonder what government official that has never seen this park signed off on this one?

Seth right before taking the field. His last game of the season, it has been a longer season than usual. Due to the rain and heat.....we skipped over spring this year. One minute it was cold and then next it was blazing hot!

Seth up at bat, at these level they do count strikes and balls. He has a good eye for which pitch is a good pitch. He actually was walked on this play.

Lucas wanted to take a picture, and this is what I got lol

Lucas and his CHEESE face

Can you tell it was a hot day?

I am sooo glad they have this little jungle gym at the baseball field.

At my office I work with a bunch of humorless cubical drones, so once in a while I will try to add some color to their lives with some of my work safe humor. Here is a little something I did last week. They have this sign on a door leading into a hall way that has alot of traffic, and on the day I made this sign I observed something that made me smile. I saw this guy going down the stairs at a pretty good pace but came to an almost dead stop when he came to this door. And then he opened the door slowly, just like the sign said. So in my mind I thought,
'I wonder if I could get them to follow some additional instructions?'
So I added a little something fun to the sign in hopes that everyone follows directions.

I never got to see if anyone followed this sign but I did notice it was taken down on the following Monday. I am now in the process of thinking about something new to add here, any suggestions?

Also on Sunday while out grilling I saw a blimp. I have not seen one of these things in a while, I have always wondered who fly these things and what kind of license you need to operate one.

My blog is coming back to life slowly but Sherly, 'Yes but don't call me Sherly'
I still have to go through the people I have on my blog roll thingie and make some changes. Some of the people I used to blog with have gone away or just don't blog any more. So it is time to make some new fwends and move on. The Internet is a funny place, you can make 'friends' and lose them just as fast as you can blink.
When playing on the Internet one has to have a thick skin and take nothing personally. Because at the end of the day no matter how well you know your 'E-freind' you truly have no idea who they may really be.


Martini said...

Your sign is wicked man. I want to do that at work now. Sorry I don't have any other ideas, but you've inspired me to make signs for our doors at work!

Hammy said...
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Hammy said...

And give way to the fat controller.

And watch out the big, blue monster.

There's vomit on the floor.