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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

When you need something fixed in your office......

Who are you going to call?

Not the maintenance department, they seem pretty incapable for the most part. My little rant here is going into how people get jobs that they are obviously not qualified for.

How is it someone has a title but when asked a question about the area of supposed expertise they seem a bit lost. Here let me tell you about my most recent adventure:

At my current location I have been having the same problem since we came to this building in the summer of 2009. Climate control.
You see I work in a large closet with no windows, 9 computers and two large flat screen (ViewSonic) TV's, that are on all the time. So needless to say it gets hot in our office. And the climate controls in here are just retarded. Whom ever designed this building needs to be kicked in the balls on many levels, but lets just stick with this one for now.

Now, when this building was being laid out on paper they knew exactly what this room was going to contain. But they seemed to fail to notice the need for some air flow and control in this room. And because of that we have the problems that we have now: In the winter its fucking hot as hell and in the summer its cold as hell. To the point they had to put this in the room:

I have no idea where this ancient looking a/c unit came from but it works. But it sounds like a jet taking off every time you turn it on haha. So, this helped fix our hot as hell winters and weekends. Because on Friday at 1900 hrs everything get shut off, air wise that is. So the weekend guys are stuck with a hot box for an office, but thanks to this Buck-Rogers looking device they can be at least comfortable.
Now onto the summer time problem. The problem that arises in the summer is that around 0700hrs the a/c kicks on and starts blowing at full force none stop until 1900hrs that night when it turns off. And for the past two years I have complained to the building maintenance about it. I sent emails, spoken to them personally and each year they have done the same thing. Came up to the office take a temperature reading and say 'Yep, it sure is cold in here.' And then leave, I finally had enough of it today.
I know that there had to be a damper control on these two openings we have here in our room. I even mentioned this to the guys that are supposed to know this building inside and out. But they looked at me like I was from another planet. Here is what I am talking about:

This is my roof with the two vents that blow ice cold air for 12 hours into my closet.

So today I took matters into my own hands, because I know that many buildings these days use flex duct work instead of the old fashion sheet metal type. Its cheaper and easier to use, so no real surprise when I looked under the the cover to find the GODDAMN DAMPER right under it.

Armed with a screw driver I was able to adjust the air flow into my room so that I am now at comfortable temperature. It took a few tries to get the right amount of air flow but it was well worth the numerous trips to the top of my desk. The only draw back now is the whistling noise created but the smaller opening, but to be honest I can totally deal with that!

So this is a huge FUCK YOU to the engineers that designed this building ( there will be more design flaw post to come) and another to maintenance people that have no clue how something as simple as damper in an air duct system works. Now this isnt an all out blast to all engineers or people that work in maintenance, I am sure there are some out there that really know how things work. ;-) It is just that in my past experience in this building and the last one I worked in , that these two departments are plagued with people that cannot think outside the box.

And this is why we have cars that are made to perform like clocks but it takes a crew of 4 men to change the oil haha

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