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Monday, November 24, 2008

Vampires and Boones Farm...

This weekend I bought 6 bottles of Boone's Farm, all different flavors and also went to see the movie Twilight.
We went to see the movie on Friday night and let me say this, I am a HUGE vampire fan and even dreamed of them becoming real. I am a little freaky like that. I have read all kinds of stories about them; from Ann Rice to Brian Lumley. There are many different variation of the same story but one thing always remained the same.....FANGS! This is my biggest complaint about the whole movie, the vampires in this story line are fangless. The whole, not eating people idea was nothing new or bothersome, the glittering in the sun light like a goth kid in a black light was no biggie or the idea of them never sleeping-which I would love!!! The whole fangless concept irked the crap out of me, not even the giggling little girls taking pictures of the movie screen bothered me as much as that! But the constant...AAAAHHHH's coming from the same girls every time they almost touched or when they waisted 5 minutes of them looking into each others eyes, was just about as annoying as the no fangs concept.
The drama was over the top, the cheese was runny Velveeta, the acting on the main female part was sand in your eye irritating and the editing was choppy as hell. I joke with the wife unit that this movie was much like watching a documentary on lumber jacks in a pine forest, choppy and full of sap!
I am always baffled by why they take a book that has a whole movie already mapped out for them, and screw it up with half ass hack script/screen writers. I did not read the book but the wife unit said the book was a thousand times better with alot less sappy high school drama crap. I mean it was like being back in high school, all the over dramatic responses to something that did not need it and the 'I will love you forever and ever ever though I am only 17 and have no clue to the fact i will have 7 or 8 more men fondling me before I really settle down'
I was disappointed with the movie and would like to delete it from my mind. Lets do a counts of the vampire movies I DO like, no real order just which ever one cums to mind first:
  1. Lost Boys
  2. John Carpenter's: Vampire
  3. Stokers: Dracula
  4. Ann Rice's: Interview with a Vampire--only one worth watching
  5. Dracula 2000
  6. Fright Night
  7. Blade
  8. Underworld
  9. Vampire Hunter D (anime)
  10. From Dusk Till Dawn
  11. And of course Dracula, the 1931 film.

And here are some that I did watch but did not like:

  1. Twilight-I might read the book still not sure
  2. Bordello of Blood- funny but still a turkey
  3. Queen of the Damned-Book rocked the movie sucked
  4. Buffy the Vampire Slayer-I still canny believe this became a tv show!
  5. Van Helsing-good graphics, bad story
  6. Salems Lot-another King book killed by Hollywood
  7. Lost Boys: The Tribe- It had potential.....

I did not put True Blood in here because it isnt a movie as of yet but I am a True Blood fan. I did watch all the episodes and the final episode kept me on my toes a little. I might bring myself to read the books, I know watching the shows might have spoiled it a bit but they have my interest. But as far as reading Twilight, the movie has totally turned me off from wanting to read how a limp wristed, glittery, no fanged vampire turns out.


I had an uber busy weekend but was able to get to my bottles I had been stocking up on. For one I am calling this my last bang for a while. I feel I am gaining too much weight and the not exercising is killing me. So this was my send off to a week of eating less and exercising more. And what better way to do than 6 bottles of Boone's? I tried all different flavors but my favorite by far was the Blue Hawaiian! None of them went down bad and none of them came up either ;-)

I drank 4 Saturday night watching football and Harold and Kumar Escape from ......where-ever, laughing my drunken ass off. That movie is awesome, racist to a T but if you cannt laugh at yourself you are not allowed to laugh at anyone else.

Sunday while cleaning and eating the best damn I meal I have had all week, I finished off the other 2. The wife made chicken, mashed potatoes, corn and the best damn gravy I have had since .....maybe last thanksgiving! It was all home made and even required a nap was that good!

I wish I had taken more pictures this weekend but I was all over the place and did not have it with me most of the time. But I did take one last night before 4 of the six made it to the recycle bin:

Sheila, how many bottles did you drink?


Martini said...

I'm pretty picky about Vampire movies too, so thanks for the review. That's one of the things I hated about 30 Days of Night - deatils sucked. Fangs were like shark teeth and the blood-drinking was too violent & animal-like. Great story though.

I love Blade, The Lost Boys, Bram Stoker's Dracula and Interview with the Vampire. From Dusk Till Dawn had potential, but they blew it, and not in the good way.

SaVanna said...

I really really REALLY wanted to read this post...however...I'm reading Twilight now...and live on the other side of the planet and the movie won't come out until after the new, I had to save it for after that! :) Don't need any spoilers!

Becky said...

Dracula 2000 was my favorite! I loved the story behind it, very interesting.

Carie said...

I took ashley to see twilight last night...she said the book was way better to, and thats funny because she loved the book, or more so the storyline, constantly replying that the writing in the book sucked, but the story kept it going...she said similair about the movie lol...said the storyline was weak because they skipped so much, the writing was horrible and the acting was OMG! bad (her words) but she enjoyed the movie just because it was twilight was wierd seeing them portray Forks, when you grow up somewhere and know every inch of it, seeing them chop the hell out of it was wierd lol...

Lost Boys was one of my favorite movies growing up lol, I know just about every line by heart lol...I love vampitre movies as well

~Sheila~ said...

Dude!!! I shit you not!!!

I have those exact bottles and they weren't even finished yet. I was just going to the fridge to get them and take a pic when I realized Angel had his cousins over here tonight.
Angel and his gang of merry thieves DRANK MY BOONES!!!

Those fuckers.

P.S. Dom went with his class to see Twilight and he was a little disappointed too. He said that he couldn't hear any of the words because all of the girls were clapping and cheering when the Edward dude was on screen.

Hmmm, Maybe that's what he gets...He got a 6 for a grade in science.

Prunella Jones said...

Ha, your Twilight review was spot on! I thought it was silly and boring, very Harlequin Romance with an incrediably insipid heroine. The vampire guy was good looking but he was so covered in makeup that I just couldn't get into him.

Fun fact: One of my friends is friends with the guy who owns Bella's house. The producers of the movie paid him $45 grand to use the house and now he gets dozens of visitors a day taking pictures and peeking in windows.

Sarah said...

lol... I'm so glad you saved me the trouble of seeing this film. Thousands of preteen girls CAN be wrong. :P

As for 30 Days of Night - WTH was with that ending? Since when do vampires hunt in packs and just "give up" when the leader gets killed? Dude was surrounded by 6 or more vampires. One dies and now they all just run instead of ganging up and killing him?
:P meh to that cheesy fight and meh to the sappy ending.