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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Late Monday round up and more...

PartI- (monday)

This weekend was a busy one with drunkeness, weights, pool, destruction and pain. On Friday the broinlaw was up from Virgina so we HAD to stop by the happy store and endulge ourselves in some adult liquids. I drank a 40 of Smirnoff Wild Grape and then some beer. While at the Liquid Courage store I saw something that caught my eye, Boaz Cigarettes-vanilla flavored.....let me tell u they are like smoking candy. I am soo glad these were not around when I was a smoker haha. And to top it off they were only freak $1.88 !!!!! Better than 6 bucks for a pack of smell crappy tabacco.
We were rather tanked but I had to work the next day early as shit so I did not stay up tooo late.
I worked 6 hours on Saturday for a little OT and since it was in a location that was out in east bumble fuck I decided to wack some golf balls off into the unknown. I must say I am getting better at this whole golfing thing hahah. Then headed home for some fun time in the pool, and hell its in the 90's I am going swimmng! Then after a good healthy snack(3 beers) I hit the weights in the dungeon. And let me tell u working out with some beer in u is one hell of a trip. I think the booze kicked the sweat glans up a notch. It was pouring out of me.
Then on Sunday we started to arange the room for the up coming baby. But as we started to pain his new area we noticed the ceiling was coming apart. I did not want this bullshit falling on the new addition to my secret honkeie army I am building. So I did what any dad would do....I made it worse. I wish I had taken pictures but I was so wrapped up in ripping and tearing that but the time I was off to HomeDepo it was to late. The destruction was a breeze but the rebuilding was not going as well. I am no BOB Vila but I saw someone do it on TV once, so I figured I would give it a go. Well lets say all I got acomplished was droping a 5Foot peice of drywall on my foot. I saw Jesus, Budda and some dude named David Caressh all hanging at a bar in Waco TX laughing at me! I am just glad nothing broke, namely my toes, but we have the same guys doing our bathroom fixing my attempt at home improvemts. I soo wish that I had pics of this but once I started I did not want to stop to even go find my camera. oh well.
But I am off to races again......drum roll place....

PartII- (tuesday morning)

Today was a momunetous day in the life of Honkeie. But before I tell you what that was I have to tell u what lead me to it. I did not get up as plan yesterday morning so I had to hit the gym at home. Which is not usually a bad thing but lately the humidity and heat has been so bad that workng out in the dungeon is almost unbrearable. What also made it a little sucky was that we are having breaker problems, we cannt have too many things running at once because of all the air conditioning unit we have running. So I only had one small bare bulb lighting my way to sexiness. Here let me show u.......

Now if this isnt not a dungeon I dont know what one is. By the time I was done here I was soaked with manliness......and if you dont know what that is try going to a construction site at the end of the day and watch all the shinny men walk off the site in their overalls, shirtless, hard hat to one side, steel lunch pale in had strutting off to the bar. Now that is a real manly execise lol.
Now after all my efforts were spent and my suppliments had entered my body I was off to the shower......but not really. I did something I have not done in years!!! I took a bath and actually fit! Our new bathroom is finished and I was able to sit in the tub and have a relaxing bath. I did not turn on the air jets due to the fact it was really late and everyone else was sleeping. I am not sure how loud this thing is but the ones I have used in the past were kinda noisey. I will be doing a post soon with pictures about our bathrooms transformation. So until then here is a pic of where I planted my hairy butt and soaped up.....

I felt like such a woman haha but I am plan on doing this more often. I almost feel alseep in this damn thing. We still need to get a few more things to make it complete but for the most part this room is done. They still have some other rooms they are doing but this was the most important one.
One more thing before I go I have a HNT from the dungeon last night. So stop back on thursday for some full frontal toplessness lol. Ladies feel free to join in that fun hahahahahahahahaha!


Cherry! said...

OMG!! That was one hilarious post! The soft lighting in dungeon really is lighting your way to sexiness huh? Can't wait for the very manly HNT that's coming up!!

normiekins said...

the dungeon.....hahahaha...did you break out in a "Flashdance" then.....LMAO........don't go get metrosexual on us now honk!!!........BATHS............

Chelle said...

Hey...baths are relaxing! I see nothing wrong ith a man taking a bath! (As long as you dotn start lighting scented candles and using pretty smelling bubble bath!! LOL

Whether a dungeon or not...its a cool work out room!!! But I am sure you roast down there!!

Can't wait til HNT now!! Tease!! lol ;)

Becky said...

Just seeing the word cigarette made my lungs ache for one! They have this aching feeling lately, it's been 13 days now too.

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Lee Ann said...

Sounds like a great time!
Baths are great, the jets will make it even better.

Hammy said...

I'm going to have to look up "East Bumble Fuck" on Google Maps after reading that post.

honkeie2 said...

cherry: Its cumin alright haha

normie: i am already a little metro but not to bad...still to much of a man pig to be all metro lol

chelle: yeah no candles for me and that bubble bath stuff smells way to fruity for me lol. well maybe if they made a beer and meat cented bubble bath haha

Becky: keep it up, freedom from the drug is a great thing. I know smoke because I want to not because I have to. Mind u its about 2 smokes a year.

lee ann: exspecaly if one is right under your bottom hehe.

hammy: its right next to 'the middle of nowhere' and 'bumbkinville'

morbid misanthrope said...

Vanilla-flavored cigarettes? That's almost as unusual as the mint-chip cigars a friend of mine likes.

I'm a simple man; it's all unflavored tobacco and garden-hose showers for me.

Just Some Gal said...

Ok the post is funny but I think I'm paying for you to come to Texas and remodel my bathroom... you did a fucken gorgeous job!

I'd also want you to do it all topless


Cherry! said...


Anonymous said...

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