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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Getting crabs suck!

Last night me and the little woman went food shopping and guess what was on sale again? Crabs! Snow crabs were on sale so we bought about 3 pounds and headed home. But were we in for a hell of a time. After cooking them the same way we did last time they came out crappy, the meat did not come out as easily and the meat was not as tastey. I am thinking that maybe I did not cook them long enough or maybe I over cooked them. Or maybe they were just the worst bunch in the fish market and I ened up with the worst case of the crabs to date. After about 30 minutes of fighting with these things I gave up trying to get the meat out. I mean it got to the point that I had to split open the shell and scoop it out with my finger just to get a mouthfull. It was very frustrating. But oh well what can one do but bitch and moan then run to red lobster and get some real (lol) seafood. Which I did not do, food shoppin broke the bank a little. We waited until there was nothing but condements left to eat before we went food shopping so this was a rather big note to pass off the the credit card haha.
Now today at work my boss did something that was soooo evil I cannt forgive him for......he bought doughnuts. And lots of them, then some body brought us bagels with the good Hotel butter....I think today will be a bad day lol. So far I have had about 7 doughnuts.....2 bagles with butter and 4 cups of coffee. To try and off set all of this happiness I have downed about a gallon of water. I still have a little bit more to go before a whole gallon is done but soon as I am done with this post I plan on finishing it off and starting on more. Wash away the nastiness wash it away! I am not sure if all this water helps but it is making me pee like a fucking leaky dike!
But I will be off to the gym after work today and maybe I will actually start running later tonight....we will see I have been planing to start, just never got out of the planning stage yet lol. I was going to post a funny pic but my pc is acting up and hope this post doesnt crap out on me.
I hope everyone is having a good one so far, I am about to go in sugar overload. I think I will go and hide somewhere and take a nap, I feel soooo sleepy....thanks boss lol.


Becky said...

LOL, Control yourself! I do the same thing with water, as if it really takes away all the bad shit you just ingested, lol

I'm about to go food shopping myself, I always over do it. I'm going to try to stick to store brands this time. I even just may get real cheap and get "Scott" T.p. Then again, my ass hadn't done anything to deserve that lately so I'll get charmin, lol.

Cherry! said...

YUM! Crabs!! I hate eating it in restaurants though. It's embaressing having to wear that ridiculous bib thing.

Oblivious Maven said...

Mmmm. Snow crab and king crab are both fully cooked before you get them. Just wrap them individually in saran wrap and microwave them to your desired warmth, don't overcook. We have a crab-cracking kit, but we mainly just use the pliars-like tool to crack the kings, and old forks that we wedge the sides with on them all.

You are making me hungry.

We gave up on snow crab a while back though, too much work, not enough meat for the cost. Go king. Costco and Albertson's have been having huge legs this year! We usually ask Albertson's for the frozen box in the back.

Wes said...

Crabs rule.... but bad crabs... aw man.... my sympathies....

honkeie2 said...

becky: NEVER go cheap on the TP. Unless u like when your finger slips in because the single ply is just to weak.

cherry: I never wear those things, I just make sure I wear crapppy cloths when I go out to eat sea food.

maven: thanks for the advice I will try it next time.

wes: yeah never had the crotch crabs but these were pretty bad

normiekins said...

okay back away from the doughnuts and'll regret carbs for the rest of the week!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

morbid misanthrope said...

Seafood makes me angry.

Oblivious Maven said...

Just came back to tell you I'm not crazy, Alton Brown suggests something similar:,1977,FOOD_9936_22741,00.html

Like your blog. I added it today.

Oblivious Maven said...

That link didn't work?

Hmmm, wonder what the deal is? Oh well.

Chris said...

Ya know whats a really evil thing to do? Get gonorrhea and give it to your girlfriend so she gives it to the guy she is cheating on you with. :-)

honkeie2 said...

normie: I wish I did but I was really bad haha

morbid: sorry to hear that...did it touch you in your danger zone as a kid?

maven: haha I will try it when I gets home and thanks for the add.....ass soon as i get a moment i will do da same :-)

chris: that isnt evil that is called 'Sharing' and we should all do it more often lol.

Hammy said...

Seafood was not the first thing that came to mind, considering your usual material Honk. Glad to hear that it was only about seafood.