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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Life as usual

There have been a few times I have thought about taking this blog down, I mean hell it is so rare that I ever come here anymore. But then I look at all the post I have and all the memories I have stored up on here. I could not delete this anymore than I could burn my journals.
It doesn't matter how often I come here, all that matters is that I come back. Even if its only to troll on my own blog or to take a tour down memory lane.

I know this site will never generate money, even though I keep getting these things telling I can just by putting ads on my blog. I will never become a famous writer because I blog, I have thought about getting a degree in journalism but then I am not sure I am willing to turn a hobby into a job. I like to write, but it's on my terms and I write when I want to about things I want to bitch about. No censors, no editors and no boss telling me my work sucks. Hell I know that, but I can suck on my own terms and be happy about it.

This blog is about my random life and I will blog just as randomly as I please. I know if I HAD to blog I would hate it. And since I have been in a funk as of late I have had no real pep to get up and blog.

It must be the weather, I swear if it snows again I will take a shit in mother natures mouth the next time she falls asleep! I have some serious cabin fever and it has manifested itself in some strange ways. Like being coming a lazy toad, I am lazy but this has gotten way out of hand. It is time to get things back in order while it is still at a recoverable level ha! And before I develop a chronic case of know when your gut sticks out farther than your dickie-do!
Yep its time to shead the winter coat again and start my spring training.....but I think I wait until tomorrow lol!

But life goes on, skool, work, family and everything else that makes us complete. I need to take my camera off and dust it off, that too has not been out in a while. When you are in a funk everything is in a funk. I do have a few pictures to end this blog with. So let me just put them up so I can get to working on avoiding doing any real work today:

1) I hate Smart cars with a passion. They are gay gay gay gay.....not the man on man love kind of gay but the pink shirt wearing yoga instructor that doesn't eat meat kind of gay. Two men slamming ass is the homosexual gay stuff, which is what I would rather do than ever buy one of these things. And yet this restaurant I eat on a regular basis has one.....gayyyyyyyyy.

2) I did take out the camera the other day when I saw Lucas watching TV using my bathrobe as a blanket. Kids are just to damn cute sometime.

3) I have been on this funny picture kick as of late, I have lots and lots of de-motivational posters. This one I actually put up on my FB to express how I was feeling one day. Sometimes this is all I want to say to people......and with that type of enthusiasm!

4) And my last picture is that of the Valentines Day gift me and the kids made for the wife. It does get harder each year to come up with something new. But this year I did a home made card from me and the kids and a plate with strawberries and chocolate. I tried to cut them into little hearts but it turn out to be a little more difficult that I thought. But oh well, they will end up in the same place no matter what shape they are made into hahahaha!

Have a happy Friday people...pss....does anyone know anything about accounting, I am taking a class in it now and I am a bit confused in all of it.......pssss I hate college :-D but its almost over.......


Mom Taxi Julie said...

I could do the little fuck you dance to someone just about once a day (at the least). But those cars are so fuel efficient right? I just worry about getting rear ended. I'm sure you'd be dead if you got rear ended by anything bigger than a golf cart. LOVE the card and strawberries for the wife. I'm always saying a home made card is perfect, it takes way more effort than picking out something someone else thought to say.

honkeie2 said...

Did you know that everytime I try to view your blog from work it says 'Blocked: Porn Site: ?

Steph said...

Its ok to take blog breaks. I abandonded mine for a good year or so. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE going back 5 years ago and re-reading old shit.
Even if you make it private forever.... keep it for yourself. Some day years from now- it'll be like "Woah! my blog!"
history :)