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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Weekend recap

I know it is Tuesday and doing a weekend recap seems a bit odd but most ppl had Monday off. I did not as one that can read can see. But then again you would not be here if you had problems dialing 1-800-ABCDEFG.

On Friday we went to Dr. Jellyfinger for the little womans first check up. She had to re-fill out all the damn paper work again. I always hate doing those things, but each time I am tempted to put YES to all of the questions instead of NO. Sorry, I have not had any serious health problems that I can list, the only thing I can put YES to is being tattoed.

We took little man with us and this was one of the calmest momments from the whole visit. I wish you could bottle up their energy, I would keep it all to myself. I would love to be that energetic alllllllll day!

As I said that was the calmest time, here he is twisting himself up in the curtain. He thought this was the funniest thing in the world. But mommy did not share in his merth, and my nerves were getting a bit raw too by this time.

So he spent most of the time in the corner and screaming. We have become the parents with the screaming kid at the resturant. It sucks, because if you know where I am coming from here, there is no way to stop it once it starts. The funny thing is I did not even notice that we had become "Those Parents" until recently, and you know what? I really dont care, it doesnt bother me to much. Just as long as he doesnt touch my food he can sit there screaming his little head off until hell freezes over.

And this is the machine that allowed us to see the little squirming dot that kinda looked like a fish. All these high tech do-dads to tell us something an over the counter EPT test and a drop of piss told us.

The doctors visit went well and she got these huge purple vitamins that are about the size of my thumb.

I went out with an old friend Matt to a local pool hall. I still suck at playing pool, I just dont get this game but I like playing. I found out that my high school reunion has already come and gone. It was at some bar and cost 80$ a person, then after wards they all went to some dive. It seems that allot of ppl did not get an invite and I was one of them. If I have said this once I have said it a million times: The bullshit you went through in high school will follow you forever. Later that night I went to and took my info out, the whole point of me putting a profile in there was for the reunion. I see now there is no point in getting emails from this shitty site if it does not serve its purpose. I have no real desire to go to any reunions now, I once thought it would have been cool to see these ppl but not now. Same little clicks going around and besides, the only ones that seemed to have become anything married it.
Went home and drank beer, nothing to big.

I got reallllyyy drunk on Sunday, gin and tonic I thank you. Nothing happend other than I colored hy hair pink, toliet papered the bathroom at Target and had my camera taken away by the wife. I had to make an effort not to be a complete asshole in the store. I am known for being a terror in department stores when I am lit like a firecracker!

I used this pink hair spray coloring stuff, it comes out in one wash. I wasnt thatttt drunk, come on, I am not stoopid! Hehe looks like I am doing some hardcore playing with myself here lol.

This is just one of the pictures I took before the wife got my camera away form me. Most of the pictures were pointless and stupid. But I think the wife thought I was going to get in trouble, and she was probably right......

Here I am stalking the security guards. They never noticed me, I took like 4 pictures of them!

The back of a cashier, nice lady just has interesting taste in hair. Got to keep it different, same old hair-do can bring ya down.

I also got a good fire going in the fire place. I love fire places, when we get a home of our own the one extra I would love to have is a large working fire place. And yes that is the actual fire I got going.

This post has taken me all freakin day to do, due to the fact that today is "Monday" and all the bosses wanted all kinda things done. But I can now send my post out and sit back for a minute. I would like to thank all those who helped me out with my dilema eariler...........Jennay, Diamon, Binsk, Carie!, and D
I hope I did not miss anyone and if I did send me a nude pic of yourself and I will say I am sorry. Today has been really crazy, I hope everyone elses has been better.
And sorry Jenn-nnay, I didnt do spell check today. I am soooo done with this post, started at 7am and now its fucking 1:25 pm!


normiekins said...

Think are fucking nuts!!!!!!!!!!!! LLMAO

Just Some Gal said...

Oooh, you are the parents of "that kid". Been there done that... My boy sometimes behaves and flirts outrageously... and then those days that the totally assumes his role as Damien. Not so fun.

Think Pink!! hehe

honkeie2 said...

I think pink 24/7 Normie!
Blondie- I wanted to name him Damien but we know this one guy with that name and he is such a ma whore its nasty. And we did not want to think of him whenever we called our sons name lol. But I love the omen movies :-D

Video X said...

holy hell that's i am a nut in those stupid stores when i've been drinking...i embarrassed the hell out of my kid last time. awesome. he needs some of that...he's an only child so he's pretty spoiled and doesnt have many "look what my parents did to me stories."

Video X said...

oh...i forgot...i think that is the funniest thing that YOU now have the screamer kid! hahaa!

Jasmine said...

Hello. Just swimming through. I am new in the neighborhood.

::slipping out now::

HS said...

lol...great pics and your expression is priceless...hahaha

honkeie2 said...

VX-thanks yeah mine is the screamer lol. I dont think we should ever go shoppin toghter lol.
jasmine-welcome, come back now :-D
hs- Thanks I am suck a retood sometimes and i love every minute of it lol.

the_mrs said...

Spell check is overrated ;)

I love the pic of your son all twisted up in the curtain---that is awesome.

My friend is in charge of planning our class reunion, and we were going to have a 5 year reunion, but she decided against it because we all wanted to lose weight before we see anybody again. HA! She's the best :)

Denotsip said...

i miss being home. seth is getting big, damn and ive only been away for 5 months, seems like a decade!
-spell chek? i can even spell that.
-nice sweater!

honkeie2 said...

Thanks doug, I wonder where I got that sweater from????

Anonymous said...

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