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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Last night was my first class for the spring semester, it is mass media. So far it looks like it is going to be a fun class. We are going to be studing Elvis, Little Richard and Chuck Berry. By the end of the semester we will have to had read one book on each person: Last Train to Memphis-Elvis ; Brown Eye Hansom Man-Chuck Berry and Life and Times of Little Richard- If you need to know who this book is about go sit naked on a garden gnome, here's your sign! Most of the ppl in my class are borning, usually there are at least a few strange birds in the bunch but so far nothing to report on the freak radar. But I think the woman that sat in from of me last night has ESP. She was a tall ,young, attractive, black girl that can text message faster than anyone I have ever seen. Now she was wearing this outfit that had this short jack, mind you everything she was wearing was a shade of purple, even her earings had purple stones in them that matched her jacket. Now as class was going on she did not say much or even move, but at one point she adjusted her self in her seat to get comfortable I guess and when she did her panties came up over her purple pants. The Quagmire in me just started right up----ALL RIGHt! The were white with little flowers, a bit grandma-ish for such a young woman. I was hoping for a thong! But the moment these thoughts came to mind she reached back and pulled up her pants. Damn it! It was as if she knew I was googgling her choice of under pants. I got a little giggle out of that and yes I was thinking of taking a picture of them but I never go the chance. So for those of you still in skool, please help your fellow male students out and wear low cut pants and a thong. It will make the class go that much faster!
Now lets see what if any funnies I have found for today: (warning the last one is a little XXX)

1) I actually like the Harry Putter movies, but I think they should have give this character a little bit more of a back bone.

2) Is it ok to get turned on my an animated half fish chick?

3) I used to smoke camels but I think I missed this promotion!

4) words of wisdom!

5) I am only doing this for college.

6) The dirty Sanchez- and If you are curious to where this came from or to see it better go here~~>Dirty

Hope everyones weekend is a good one I have no plans as of yet. Now I am off to get some work done lol.


Danielle said...

omg!!!!!!!1 love the pics!!!!!! yo I smoke camels but that ad wa sjust nasty!! lol

honkeie2 said...

Camel toe.....smooth blend of vaginal happiness ....come to camel toe country and leave smiling, vertically!

normiekins said...

damn i smoked camels when i was in high school....the camel toe thing is a riot!

the_mrs said...

Camel toe---heehee!

Have a great weekend. And NO TAKING PICS OF GIRL'S UNDIES, YOU PERV! Take care! :D

honkeie2 said...

Normie-thats when i smoked them too lol.
the_mrs- But I love the vouyer cam lol. Just dont sit in front of me in class lol

Just Some Gal said...

The camel toe cracked me up!! The dirty sanchez...BLEH! hahaha

Now then, I can't say much about random pics because I have taken random ass shots of guy's asses in stores. haha

Becky said...

Great Animation! You play way too much on the internet, lol.

Lee Ann said...

Those are great! You didn't tell me you have such great arms! WOW!

I love Harry Potter movies...
Oh pretty mermaids...
Camel toe ciggys, haha...
All of them...too funny!

Jasmine said...

OH MY....I hope so!


honkeie2 said...

Blondie- I knew we were alike lol!
Becky- nawwwww there is no such thing as too much!
leeann- i am full suprises, pretty mermaids :-D
jas- yes your mermaid pic is wayy hotter

morbid misanthrope said...

This post takes me back to my college days. Except instead of looking at panties, I was picturing myself stabbing this stupid Swiss bitch in the head with my car keys so she would shut the fuck up. Goddamit, how many stupid questions did she have to ask anyway? "Duh, anthropology is study of ants, yes? I like skiing, yes? Can I take notes in pink pen? My art is good, yes?"

One of my teachers wore thongs frequently... Unfortunately, HE was the communications teacher that made Richard Simmons look masculine and had a thing for a gay, ex-junkie, Native American, AIDS infested poet - which, by the way, he made us visit with and write about all the time... Damn, I'm bitter.

Jasmine said...

Want to come sponge out a little in the water with me?



Denotsip said...

ah yes college, i remember! now i see just how much i miss school. it the best place to meet the strange and unusual... and sluty, or sluty in denial, or sluty apprenices and/or in training.

normaly i dont like ea food but now i think i will find a way to get y dose of sea food in my diet, but hats only if the chef enjoys her dose susage. lol

honkeie2 said...

morbid- Man thongs are just wrong lol.
jasmine- sponge bob says a-ok lol.
doug- college is such a wonderous place. So much poon so little time lol.

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