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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Its Monday and boy does my wallet hate me....

It is Monday but not too much of a middle finger one though. As you can clearly see, from my last Friday post, I had some early holiday cheer. My brother in law reminded me of a story in his comment to it that I will post about soon. He too is fond of the bottle but tends to do very bizarre things after he gets a little too tipsy. I have posted one that I actually got on film, I try not use his name or too much information about him. I dont want one of his superiors coming across this some how and getting him in trouble. But he is funny as hell when you catch him in one of his momments, he told me one story that I am not sure of the details but end with him wearing a sweat shirt as a pair of pants. Maybe I can get him to tell that one again or even have him post it on his blog. God loves and protects drunks and fools, we are a well protected pair :-D!

Now in other news, on Saturday we went to see that Narnia movie with the missus, my oldest and her little brother. Who is actually a year older than my oldest who she still calls 'Boo'. The movie was very entertaining but I think I was rated wrong. It was a little to violent for a PG rating, there was not any blood, nudity, sex or drug reference but still....the simulated fighting and the creatures would have sent little man into a screaming fit. Give some little ppl nightmares lol.

Sunday we went out and scratched the hell out of our credit and debit cards in the name of Santa Clause. The little man got his picture take at Fortunoffs with the jolly fat man. He did not have a real beard but the one he had was a proffesionally make-uped one. He looked like the way I would imagine him, rosey cheeks and all. Like a holly jolly nightmare coming to give you coal to burn your pire as you rost in the fires of hell. Ever think about why he gave you coal when you are bad? Back in the day ppl would have loved free coal so why was coal looked apon as a bad thing? It keeps you warm, you can cook food on it and if you ever bump into superman he can put it between his ass cheeks and squezze out some diamons for you. Coal is bad because in the eyes of children santa is god and when god sends you to hell for being bad it is a river of fire you will be tossed. And what burns hot as hell for long periods of time????-COAL- Coal is the representation of hell and what will happen if god/santa sees you doing naughty things. Because we all know that song rightttttt?

My wife got me a new wedding band for xmass on Sunday. She was going to try and suprise me but the guy at the counter was a little slow on the up take so I ended up with it a little early lol.

We are going to have the old one made bigger and have something engraved on it. I am not sure what I am going to put on it but I am going to wear it on my index finger. It was the original ring and I cannt just abandon it :-D! I will probably put our wedding date on it to make sure I never forget the day hehehe.

We spent most of the day wandering around Jersey Gardens in Elizabeth NJ and the Woodbrige Mall. I must say I love watching people scurry about on their merry little way. If some people could look at themselves from other peoples eyes they would probably never go outside. What a zoo; camel toe, clevage all over, douch bags with popped collars, life size jesus head bling bling, want to be gangsters, and the occasional goth. It is soo refresing to see the kids keep the punk/goth life alive. I know they are trying to be non-conformist conformist but at least it is something different than the usual mtv generated trendy trash. Even though mtv is making being punk trendy too, thanks Green Day lol.
The weekend was great and it was not to cold either. The wife has finally got to see and hear the little man use the 'FFFF' word. I wish I could have been there when she heard him say it. He was playing his favorite video game, Burnout3 its a racing game that has very simple controls and is allot of fun. He knows how to excelerate and crash and on one of those moments he totalled his car he blurts out a 'Fuccccc'. It wasnt quiet a 'fuck' but close enough to know what he ment. Both the wife and myself are guilty for this one. During those tense momments of game play two secinds to first place and BOOM CRASH you lost, FUCK! It happens lol. We just have to ween him off that habit a little, those words are not tolerated in schools and other up tight establishments. I personally dont care if he curses, its the redneck trucker in me, but the rest of the world with have a problem with it. We all have to conform somewhat to the norm, unless you want to join a commune somewhere and run nude with John Treebark Shitter.


Becky said...

That's a great idea, I'll do that to the hubby's ring, get our wedding date engraved on it, so he doesn't forget the date; as he forgets everything.

honkeie2 said...

To forget that is dangerous to your health!

Danielle said...

sound slike a fun weekend!! yea when they stabbed the lion i dont think lil honkie would have liked that!

honkeie2 said...

It was a bit too weepey of a movie for me! Total chic flick lol, take a chic to see it and bamb instant sex points!

the_mrs said...

What a great gift from the wifey! Glad to see you're wearing it proudly :)

Denotsip said...

During my time of recovery, things like laughings, sneazing, coughing, and shouting causes me to have back spazams. it hurts like hell. Well, after reading your blog you will be glad to know that i laughed so hard that my back went haywire and caused the back of my head to touch my ankles. Mental pictire: picture a very large cheerio. yea, that was me. i will post up that story that you tld me to post, it is rather funny now that i think about it.

Danielle said...

morning h

honkeie2 said...

Morning sunshine