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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005



I got tagged by The_mrs into doing this so here goes to my first:
(Vigina squirrles lol)

7 Things that attracted me to my wife:
1) Her eyes
2)Her name tag, it had her name on it so I would not forget it an it was on her boob!
3)Them full lips :-D
4) How short she was, she looks soo cutie and tiny lol.
5) She looked white but spoke spanish hmmmmmm
6) Her long hair
7) That kool-aide smile!

7 Things to do before I die:
1) Sky dive
2) Tatto my entire body
3) lazer eye surgury
4) Try to squirt Tom Cruise with my joke microphone
5) Have sex in ever car I will ever own.....
6) Atcually have abs worth showing off.
7) Drive from NJ to CA in a winabago(sp)

7 Things I can do:
1) Drink a case of beer and not get sick or hung over.
2) Put my palms flat on the ground when I bend over to touch my toes. Now u try it!
3) Mix drinks like a bitch on fire, sour apple martini anyone?
4) Sweat in the dead of winter.
5) Hold my breath for almost 4 minutes.
6) Bench my own weight.
7) Eat a peach for an hour.

7 Things I cannt do:
1) Drugs, my job does test :-P
2) Say no to my wife, she wants it she gets it lol.
3) Stay away from blogging at work.
4) Stop my over active imagination.
5) A split, my junk gets in the way.
6) Fight my ADD on my own, oh look a pretty bird out my window.............
7) Get rid of the urge to smoke will always be there, damn you Philip Morris!

7 Things I say most often:
1) Gigg-itty-giggity, Ohh right! (Family Guy)
2) Yes, it was me.
3) Hot damn!
4) Well, fuck me running with a broom stick!
5) (In reference to women like Anna Nicole Smith) I would not fuck her with your dick and someone else pushing with a broom stick.
6) Can we have maritals tonight?
7) How can a man this stoopid get re-elected!- I find myself saying this alot now ah days.

7 Books I love:
1) Anne Rice's vampire chronicals
2) Most of Steven Kings books
3) Who Moved My Chesse by Spencer Johnson
4) Any and all books about body building
5) Ones with lots of pictures
6) Ones with pages and words
7) A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess- I have read this book 3 times.

7 Movies I Would Watch Over and Over
1) American Psycho
2) Egualibrium
3) Clock Work Orange
4) Full Metal Jacket
5) Sin Ciy
6) Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
7) Zoolander

7 People I Tag To Do The 7's

I am not going to tag anyone one because I just do not feel like going through the work of linking them all lol.
So if you want to D, Cherry, Blondie or anyone one else for that matter just do it. I am lazy , shoot me!


Becky said...

I love Fear and Loathing, American Psycho, and I've also read the vampire chronicles.

8-D I also have the weakness of blogging at work, I think we all do actually!

honkeie2 said...

Naught Becky, what else do you do at work you would hate for ppl to know.

the_mrs said...

"Can we have maritals tonight?"

Man, you are so romantic...;)

I'm not even going to try the "touch your palms to the florr" thing. I don't need you reminding me how out of shape I am! lol

normiekins said...

nice insight on HONKIE!!!!!!!!!!

honkeie2 said...

The_mrs-Romance I my middle name, wait wait, nope my middle name is mudd sorry! And if you try just make sure I am not standing behind you lol.
Normie- yes tit is lol

Danielle said...



Danielle said...


Becky said...

lol, well this one time when I was all alone in my office.....

ROFLMAO, Yes girls I did in fact have the courage to do that one day!

steph said...

Anne Rice rocks.

Your answers were way funny.
Maritals... heheheh

Carie said...

lol to funny...Ken does that country song...your one hot mama, do ya wanna...can we have maritals, guys are just so creative ;o)

Eric Wormann said...

Skydiving was fun, but completely overrated.

The beard is gone because I got sick of it one day. I lasted 88 days without shaving, just 112 days short of my goal. But I'm making a comeback. It's been like 2 weeks already.

honkeie2 said...

D- Sick is not a four letter word lol.
Beecky- I bet you do all kinds of things at work ;-)
Steph- Thanks and yes maritals rock lol.
Carie- Thank u and yes most men are, its a born trait lol.
Eric- you should do a 'beard blog journal'. I tried one once but it itched so much it was driving me crazy! And besides my beard comes in flaming red! I look like a viking or a pirate lol