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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, December 09, 2005

TGIF and FF..........and its freaking snowing in NJ!

-It is friday once again and its TGIF and the next instalment of Friday Funnies! For those of you who were asking about anniversary sex.....did not get any. It was my fault, I was feeling like crap. I even took a little nap but that seemed to have made it worse. It sucks because I was actually looking forward to it and she into it as well. I am such a woman lol!
-But oh well, I feel better now and lets hope for some bootie tonight. We are planning on going to the mall after work so I am excited. I am such a mall rat, and its the mall I have been going to since high school. I have not been there in a while since they built the ghetto mall by my house. The Ghetto mall has 3% sales tax and the other one has 6%....hmmmmm fight of the ghetto fab princesses and get better prices.....hell yeah. I got my mace, night stick and empty beer bottle with me. I am ready for anything da-hood can throw at me muahahahahah.
-But on with some funnies...............

1) Here is what happenes when common sense isnt so common.

2) When gay men get there hands on a web came and thier own asses.

3) Does anyone else see a problem here.......

4) This is too cool!

5) Xmass funny.....ouch!

6) I wonder if anyone has this problem?

7) You might have to click on dick to make it bigger so you can read it :-D

8) I love OJ, always be on the killers good side. You might be next!

9) I wonder where the observation "dick" would be ?

10) See I knew he was cool.....

-Its almost freakin 0930 and its still and its still fucking snowing! I hope this keeps up and buries all of NJ! Snow makes people act like retards and drive like maniacs. I love watching people spin out in there SUV's. My boss said he saw some dude with Florida plates flying down the highway and ended up in the woods. I would have pulled over and pissed on his car and laughed at him. Asshole of the day!
-Be safe and dont be an asshole-


the_mrs said...

"everytime I get excited, I throw up!"

HAHAHA!! (ew)

I had to scroll down real quick cuz the first pic freaked me out, and the second freaked me out! :)

We were supposed to get 8-10 in. of snow last night, and only got about 2. I thought my son wouldn't have school, so I was really bummed that I had to get up early and go out into the freezing cold... Oh well.

Danielle said...


JESUS is not doing "The Shocker"
I fucken just spit up! Haaaaaaaaa!!!!

And that dude spanken his white ass has me on the floor!!!!!!!

No u did not put up a sign of the KU KLUX KLAN!!!

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!oh this MADE MY DAY!!!!!

Video X said...


i hope you feel better and get some bootie too.

#6 is awesome! thank god i never called my grandparents anything crazy...i still cant call my uncle pat...pat. i have to say uncle pat...that goes for the rest of my relatives too...well they arent ALL uncle pat...they have different names and some are aunts.

normiekins said...

great post!!!!!!!!! LMAO........
florida dude in the woods....don't you love it!!!!!!!!! HHHHAAAA

Danielle said...


Jesus is a FREAK in the bedroom.

Danielle said...


Cherry said...

OMG!!!! That Jesus picture is BAD!!! I can't belive you, you crack me up!!! LOL

Video X said...

holy hell i totally missed your anniversary post!!!!!!!!!!

i'm an ass. well..happy anniversary!

it's cuz of the emails i cant keep up! haha.

The Orchestrator said...

New Question of the Week

Denotsip said...

phil, i hope you get some booty too but just dont tell me about it. hahah

honkeie2 said...

You got to love me lol....dont worry doug I wont say toooo much. But let know about that navy poontang. I am curious....get some pictures of them :-D

yep, it's me.... said...

something just wrong with a dancing nipple - yet, i am drawn to look at it again

Carie said...

those were to funny lol

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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