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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sex 101

I have been asked to give a post to some of the colorfull words I use on my day to day sex talk. Most of the words are well known but some are less known and confuse the sexually illiterate. So it is sex talk 101, I will use as many visual aides as I can( bit limited due to my jobs fire walls lol) and definitions written in the simplist wordage as possible lol.

1) The shocker: This one came to light to me when I read an article on about a high school trying to recall their year books. Apperantley allot of the students had their pictures taken showing the shocker. Now the shocker can only be exsplained as this; two in the pink one in the stink.......ok try this:

2) Donkey punch: During anal sex the guy ( the pitcher) punchs the 'catcher' in the back of the head to make their partner clinch up during the momment of truth. Sorry could not find any real pics of it-

3) Hummer: This one is very straigh forward- She sucks and she humms, and with a little bit of luck she will swallow!

4) Blimpie: This one is where a BJ and a BM go hand in hand. And when I say BM I mean doing a #2, now that's love!

5)Tossed Salad: Wow, if you did not know this is where someone licks out your bootie you need to watch more cable t.v.

6) Pinkie Cheat: This is where a guy slips in his pinkie into the brown eye at any momment during the dance. Remeber the shocker? huh huh....It is also a word used to refer to when you male(maybe female ;-o ) GYNO 'accidently' forgets to put their gloves on while they are elbow deep in your junk.

7) Snow ball: This is nasty but needs to be addressed.....It is where the person giving the BJ gives the owner back the gift by way of a french kiss. If you need any more illistration of this , to bad I feel all nasty just by typing that ewwww. No visuals here!

8) Sloppy seconds: Where a guy/girl kisses the woman after giving her head. Too sexy!

9) Dirty Sanchez: A dirty Sanchez or filthy Sanchez is a term describing the result of a person having a "mustache" made primarily of fecal matter, or other "ass residue", shit, poop or dookie or even duke-alicious. It is also called a Dirty Mexican in the Midwestern U.S., a Dirty Contreras in Oregon and a Dirty Mungy in Florida and California. Although a Filthy Sanchez is also defined as receiving oral sex while defecating on a toilet. Also see Blimpie....

10) 69: Now if you need a definition to this you ARE hopeless.

11) 3am grab: This is one of my favorite. This is where you go to the bar a few minutes before closing completely sober with the intent of getting the hot drunk club girl to go home with you. It can also be defined as showing up late to a party after everyone is hammered and coping a fell on all the drunk college girls you can. " Here let me help you up, by your bra. Opps it came off....sorry. Let me try using your thong..oopss it tore off as well....."

There are tons more! If I use a word you are unfamiliar with just ask me and I would gladly give you the definiton. I am thinking about just making up some sex terms and calling them my own. All these I have listed I have learned form other ppl or the t.v. I want my own language but it will only work if everyone is on the same page. So stay tuned for Honkeie's Nasty Word of the Day.


Becky said...

LMAO, that's great. Have you seen this web site: it has definitions on lots of dirty phrases, This one's good too, you can look up anything here,

Danielle said...

OMG!!! I am so informed now!!!! But I thought we were gonna pictures of people actually "Acting these out!!!!"

I am a lil busy at work, so I'll try and play in a little bit.

honkeie2 said...

I was looking for pictures but I really did find what I wanted. Maybe I can find some later lol

Danielle said...

Honk Honk!

Danielle said...

or we can take some! ha!

honkeie2 said... pulls
digital camera have made 'home' photo taking to ne hights lol

honkeie2 said... pulls
digital camera have made 'home' photo taking to ne hights lol

the_mrs said...

When did poop become sexy?!

And just last weekend, I asked my friend what a dirty sanchez is...thank goodness she didn't show me what it is! ;)

Danielle said...

*pull pull honk honk*

normiekins said...

okay sex 101......what happens on graduation day?

steph said...

what about the Hot Carl?

lol oh my god sick! :)

honkeie2 said...

-Yeah jennay if she would have showed you your sex drive might have disappeared on you lol.
-Keep pullin D and I might do a trick lol.
-Norme all female grads get pearl necklaces!
-And steph always ask up front what he ment by 'lets try something new tonight'

Danielle said...

HAaaaaa graduation day!!! orgie!! lmao!

Cherry said...

Honkeie, you are too funny!!! Thanks for finally doing that post. And now that Steph mentioned it, I have to know what a HOT CARL is too.

Also, what is the nastiest sexual thing/term you know of. And I mean NASTY.

Danielle said...

lol cherrygurl

P.S. honkie make sure you tell her something that has to dowith guns and knifes!

Danielle said...

lol cherrygurl

P.S. honkie make sure you tell her something that has to dowith guns and knifes!

Video X said...

sweet...i'm so looking forward to your nasty word of the day...highly educational..
i knew some...well only 3 of those...but all i care about is that i knew what the shocker was...haha.

honkeie2 said...

the nastiest thing I can think of....'the slippery canal'
Where a dude sucks out his own spunk from the womans love tunnel. nasty nasty!

Anonymous said...

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