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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I just want to rant

- It is Tuesday and I want to bitch about something. Guess what it is? Gay marraige, nope dont care; porn killing america, nope dont care; panda bear going exstinct, nope dont care; the president, nope dont care; taxes, nope dont care. But what I am going to bitch about is the FCC. I am not much of a Stern fan but I do listen from time to time and he is the reason I bought Sirius radio. I am irritated because he is singled out from all of media and finded for indecent material. Mind you Opra, Dr. Ruth, Springer and The View say things more obscene these days but nothing ever happens to them. People on the Howard Stern show can not say the word "penis" but its ok for everyone else to say it. Hell all of the American children knew what oral sex, penis and semen ment after Clinton's little fiasco. If a rule applies to one it should apply to all. My rant is mainly aimed at all of free radio, and the spinless jack offs that run it. All it would take for the FCC to fall would be for companys like Comcast and Clearview to just say NO.
What is also funnier is that so many ppl have run to pay satellite radio because of all the bull that has clouded the dial. Once apon a time radio had so much to choose from but in the past few years the variety has dwindled to almost nothing. I have Sirius radio and soon as Stern is off Krock I will take it off my preset all toghter. Even though David Lee Roth is set to be the new talk dj I will not listen. He is nothing more than a paid monkey that will have no freedom to say anything worth saying. I was thinking of joining all the retards in the Howard Parade but it will be way to cold for my taste.
But this is a short rant for me, work has been buisy and I cannt get on as much as I would like. It must be the up coming holiday that is causing it.
-On a high note, I sent in my letter to my school to get an old grade wiped from my GPA. Back in 95 I went to college half assed and ended up droping out leaving all kinds of bad grades all over the place. So, this letter to the vice president will hopefull get rid of this one bad apple in my bunch. I had 3 "F's" in all but I repeated one and got an "A" and I am enrolled in another one starting in Jan. Just this last one does not fit in my current degree and I am hoping to get it taken off. It is amazing that the young never learn form other people telling them things, we have to learn it for ourselves. I even try to tell people younger than myself some of the few things I have learned in my travles. But in the end those who never fall and see for themselves will never know the real truth. Enlightenment is only for those who have suffered and paid the price. Knowledge and itntellegence do not go hand in hand, just because you are taught something does not mean you know. Try teaching a blind person what color is and decribe to a child what pain is, niether will know till they see and fell it.


Danielle said...





Becky said...

I already did this rant! I'm getting Sirius for Christmas! I'm going over with Howard I can't wait, I'm too excited! FUCK THE F.C.C.!

steph said...

I agree with ya on the FCC shit- Dr Phil is SICK!!!!!! and he is on at 3pm!! when all the kiddies get home from school-- How is that not corrupting the minds of our youth?!?

and Oprah-- she does her share of dirty talk also!

Cherry said...

HuhuuuuuhuuuHuhhh, you said penis.

honkeie2 said...

D- Drop it like its hot beiotch lol.

Becky- You go gurrl!

Steph-Dr. Phil is the biggest perv out there.

Chery-Huh uh huh you name is cherrie, huh uh hu can I have yours huh uh huh uh

the_mrs said...

I agree with the whole censorship thing. I don't like Stern, but you're right: if it's a "rule", enforce it on everyone.

And your last comments were so true...I had so many people try to give me advice, and I insisted that I knew what I was and learn. Seems like everyone just has to "live through it" to get the point.

Denotsip said...

im a firm believer that inteligence is a 2 headed snake. There is the books smarts and there is common sense. If you excel in one and lack in the other then you are either a clumsy fuck or a retard. I myself was in for a rude awakening because of turning my back on good advice. its not "what you know" but how to apply it. This is some thin you learn through out life. Age is a high price to pay for maturety.

As for the whole Radio thing. what is this "radio" you speak of. Does it come in silver?

honkeie2 said...

the_mrs- as my bro in law put it so perfectly : Age is a high price to pay for maturety.

Denotsip: I think the world would be so far ahead of itself if the young really did listen to the old. So many mistakes would be a thing of the past and comdians would be out of a job lol.
And this radio is tool of the devil, its spews evil though magical waves thorough the air. Its witchcraft is say witchcraft...burn her burn her, she is a witch!