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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Welcum to the Church of Honkeie!

It is where everyone depraved and full of unrepented sins are excepted as equally fucked up. Cursing is incouraged but no manditory, we are all friends here. It is a home to anyone who has ever felt like all other religons have turned there backs on you.

I will sit and dine with the whores, strippers, degenerates, addicts, and any and all who are not generally excepted. Bloggers, chat room bullies, and people who post pictures on Flickr on a daily bases are welcomed as well. We all need a place to feel wanted and have a place to spew out random thoughts and feelings. A place where no one will judge you because you are in love with your goat or you still live with mommy and masterbate 10-12 times a day to internet porn. We all know your pain and hell some of us have been there , its all ok in The Church of Honkeie!

The rules are simple and the fees are always waved if you are a sick bastard. I anoint those with the filth of our society and bless them with the sludge of depravity. Too many religons now preach open hearted love but show closed minded hate towards thier fellow man/woman. Religion has become the scapegoat to why people do evil deeds, when the truth of the matter is that they just wanted to do but could not come up with an exscuse that would look good in the eyes of the public.

I open my doors to all that wish to abandon all hope for this world. To start over sometimes means we have to slash and burn the old. Old thinking does not lead to new cheese and nor does it lead to new happiness.

There are no Commandments, I do not command anyone to do anything but be groovey and except your fellow man/woman as an equal. The 'book' has been used to justify every injustice to man from slavery to genocide. But they never metion the other rules that show how it was really intended, out of contexted information can be a real bitch and interpretation is a window to hell. I have seen a line in the 'book' that CLEARLY says not to EAT meat with blood in it but a religion, that will remain left out of here, says they INTERPRETED that as " Not to take blood into ones body or to give it." Wow, fuck me sideways and dont even buy me dinner, how did they get that out of not eating raw meat? I have had this talk with one of their cult leaders on this, I asked him, " If their son was about to die and it was their blood, and only their blood, that could save him. What would they do?" He told me they would pray for him and hope for a miricale from HIM. He only saves those who are willing and able to save themselves. In my eyes that is called murder and in the Church of Honkeie such narrow minded thinking is not preached. If you want to be like that, well that is up to you but I would never ask that of anyone.

What you see is what you get here. No confusing poems with unclear messages and mis-interpreted translations of a book written with 'mans' best interest in it. No man is above another man or woman, we are all on the same plan here. And if you want a man above you I can gladly help you out on that end, I know a few lonley men that need some love. And they are willing to pay for it as well ;-).

There will many of Rev. Honkeie's phil-osophies through honkeie's blog. I know him well and he is truely a real back up kinda guy, just dont back up to fast he might pinch your ass. I will make may apperance here just look for me and listen when I preach, or not its up to you to figure things out on your own in the end.

Phil-osophy for the day:

It is safer to seardch through life for happiness than to live in a loveless situation.


Video X said...

OH MY GOSH!!!!!!!

i want in! i'm a sick bastard so no fees.

is there drunkeness?


Danielle said...

OMG you have lost it.

honkeie2 said...

Oh HELL yeah! Drunkiness and nudity is very incouraged here!

PB said...

Now thats what I'm talken about.

I may actually go to church now.

the_mrs said...

I wish I hadn't have called you Rev....;)

the_mrs said...

I'm just kidding ;)

steph said...

Amen to that Phil-osophy!!

Now this sounds like a church I would enjoy....

Polyman2 said...

I feel the need to spew...
you know- the technicolor yawn!
I see many moral hazards here...and I like it.


Rev Honk said...

Morals are for the weak minded masses who need to be told what is wrong and right....and maybe left ass well.

Cherry said...

I am a total sick bastard...haha. No fees for me. Ever.

I am just really fucked up in the sex department. You know...guns, knives, getting turned on by gay male sex, etc.

I scare the shit out of my hubby and friends when i tell them my fantasies. haha