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Monday, May 09, 2005

Why PNC Sucks

I luckily found out that Ozzfest tickets were going on sale Saturday and head down really early. In all the excitement I never thought to check what weird protocol they might be trying this year to fuck with the everyday fan and benefit the scalper.

The one and only way tickets should be sold is first come first serve. Non of this wrist band buttshit, and especially the wrist band lotto. PNC did that one year, which in some strange turn of events worked out to my benefit. I did my usual and got there early, watched the antics of the tail gaiters and froze my ass in line. They handed out bracelets to everyone sober enough to stand in line then made the announcement. Each bracelet had a number on it, and they were going to start the bracelet lottery soon. The way it worked was they would call sets of numbers and if you were in that set you got to get in line for your tickets. That sucked if you had been waiting all night and got a crappy number but was cool If you got there late and got a good one. That year it worked out for me, I got to go in the second set of people called. I got front row center seats. It was such a joy to watch all the scalper crying and bitching but it was sad to see the all nighters get the fuzzy end of the lolly pop. But in all fairness it should work in this fashion : Box office opens at 9 in the morning and the crazy ppl that waited allll night and half the morning should get first dibs. But it does not work out this way any more.

This year I got there 2 hours before the box office opened. I had a bad feeling about what new things they had in store for me. When I got there it was nice to see 3 radio stations were giving out free food and stickers. Only down side of them being at the same place at the same time was that they were trying to drown each other out with crap top 40 radio. My sunny disposition was soon killed on this over cast chilly day by the news that everyone needed a wrist band to get first dibs. They were sold on Friday at the box office. There were 2 lines, one for the scalpers who knew and the fans who had no idea. The wrist band ppl got to go first then us, I saw a group of about 13 or so people that did not fit into any of the music scenes. They all walked away from the box office with large stacks of tickets in hand. Its big business and again the little guy gets fucked. Scalping is legal I guess and the sign " no cell phones at the window" does not apply to them. I stood in line for about 3 hours for so so tickets and the whole time watching ppl walk away with handfuls of tickets. I would bet that they were all going to end up on eBay. But thank you PNC for a lesson well learned in the ways of what is fair in warfare. Each year they try some new way to annoy the everyday man into a frenzy of frustration and hate. One can easily see where rioting starts. The little guy trying to get just a little fun and is confronted with the same bureaucratic fecal fling. Blue collar America can never seem to catch a break and boy are they pissed about it.


Anonymous said...

OK, PNC Bank has a small footprint. Mostly here in the Northeast. So why do they charge you to withdraw money from your account if you use another banks ATM? I was traveling in Palm Beach, Florida last summer, and called PNC's customer service to find out where the nearest PNC ATM was. I was told it was in Orlando. When I told her that was over 200 miles away, she said that if I used another banks ATM I would be charged a fee from PNC as well as the other banks $3.00 fee. I asked why would PNC charge their customer a fee when they offer no ATM machines locally. She it was bank policy. I think what she meant was They Can. So I closed my checking, money market account and my home equity line of credit and moved it to a Chase. They are national and do not charge when I use another banks ATM. I hope the $2.00 was worth it PNC....

Anonymous said...

it was, lol get with the program bank of america, sun trust, us (PNC), US Bank, wells fargo, they all charge those fees, i promise you, they do