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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Double shift

I am working a double shift today and starting to feel the pull of the 13 hour on the clock. I am not sure if I have ever mentioned it but here at my money maker I am the boss( one of many). I work in the security field, you know; flash light cops, radio warriors, and plastic brass. It pays the bills, rather nicely too so dont knock it lol. I am on call 24/7 for all problem with the site that I manage.
It is not a bad jig but from time to time I have to do things that I really hate doing. The number one thing that falls in this catergory is : Telling people what NOT to do while on post! I should not have to tell people that they have to come to work in uniform and stay in uniform until thier shift is over. Hell, why do I have to treat poeple that are twice my age like they are freakin 6 and they wont stay out of the damn mud in the backyard? I have been at this site for almost 6 years and started off as a low level bottom feeder. I know what its like to do all shifts and postions. ( a little giggle to myself, I love all positions :-D) I know all the tricks and all the good hidding spots. I do not ask anything of these people I would not do myself or have not done in the past. Some people even have said its becuse of the money the company offers. This has got to be better than working at fast food joint or some slave driven soul crushing department store..**walmart..cough,cough** And the money is definatley better by far here. Everytime I have to become that asshole boss ,we all see on those shows, I have to hang my head afterwards. Because it is soo stoopid, common sense should dictate that if you know the boss is coming in have your uniform on . Do the paper work and have the office in order.
Dont get me wrong we have a few that I sing thier praises. The few that can see outside the box and have a bit of fore-sight. One that I call a drama queen, which drives me insane. The employee that always seems to have some kinda drama that causes her work to suffer. Doctor visits, uniform mis-haps, every reason in the world to leave early and come in late. Not a bad worker but everytime its something new followed with a story. But out of 13 people I have working for me I have 6 that I can really rely on, 4 that I can trust not to be too retarded, and 3 that I worry about them keeping thier jobs for too long.Its sad and I feel bad when I have to be the messenger of the hammer. But time and time again there is nothing that I can do to help them. Counsiling them, suspending them, nor did numerous off the record warnings seemed to help. Some people are just set on self distruction, if you are not able( or willing) to help yourself how do you exspect anyone else to help you?
But enough of my bitching but maybe people can once see things from different eyes. I am all for promoting from with in and not get people from the outside of a company. I have always hated bosses that come in from outside and think that a degree is better than exsperience. I am sorry, schooling does not prove anyhing other than you can pass a test on pointless information that relates to nothing in real time. We all have a BA in BS, and I got a Masters in Bation.

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