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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, May 30, 2005


Its a holiday and I am here at work doing much of nothing. When you are a security guard one learns all kinda things to entertain yourself with. And thank goodness for my new found toys : Blogging and Flickr. I can keep myself busy for hours now and still look like I am hard at work. No more hiding the "adult" magazines and gameboy as the boss goes by. You always look like you are doing something important when you are typing a mile a minute with that serious look on your face. I always have my game face on when I blog from work, keeps nosy people away from me. I sit at desk where all my co-workers walk by and see me. I don't want them to see me, their boss, smiling at his puter like an idiot. I am supposed to set the example for them, not still acting like a low level grab ass guard. ( Which by the way I still am,mentally)And yes all flashlight cops are goof offs and slackers. I am the king of all slackers but a little bit of luck and a whole lot of waiting got me to my current spot. I now supervise a team of people at one of the many sites my company has contracts with. Good things come to those who wait, its true. I am such a boob and hate real work more than anyone. A job like this is perfect for me, I can put off everything till later, delegate task and march to my own tune. I still have to wear a polyester monkey suite but hell we all have to make sacrifices sometimes. And its days like this I look forward to, all alone on the holiday with all the time to slack off and be as lackadaisical as possible.
The only other job in the world that could compare to this is maybe a tattoo artist. There is a job I think I would love to have, if I had even a drop of artistic blood in me hehehe. I have two tattoos with more to come soon. It is a strange addiction, once you get one you want more. Only thing holding me back is the money, they are not cheap and most don't do credit. Its a cash business, just like the good old days of cold hard currency. These people must make a killing in just one day of inking. Maybe I will try it and see if I can start my own ......and maybe I will join the circus. Hell, I like clowns and love making people laugh. And while I am at it I will start brewing my own beer and sell it...I lovee Got to keep your options open, you never know.
I wonder if I can make a career of being a slacker. I am well on my way, lets keep it rollin. Next time someone asks me what I do I am going to say I am a professional lounge lizard. So many people are all about what they have become and they have done with their lives. Its always fun to mess with them, with being happy with the fact I have not amounted to much. They are unhappily married to their possessions and jobs, existing any other way is beyond them. They work so hard at looking happy with what they own and what they are, they have lost the ability to actually be content with nothing. Ever been to a class reunion? That is what you are going to be confronted with. Lots of questions on what you did with your life and peering eyes of discontent. And a whole lot of " Oh, really, how ....Interesting." Its rather comical if you can step back and look at it with different eyes. These people were the cool people back in the day and they do not want to let go of that. I was not one of them as anyone can guess and I get great satisfaction in bring them down. When they try and show off their stuff try not to notice it. Like the old trick of wearing your watch loose so you have to shake it from time to time. Its usually a ploy to get you to look at their Rolex or Mavado. The hand gestures that draw your eyes to the diamon that could be mistaken for a small star. Don't mention it or even let them see you looking at it. It will irate them to no end.
I love messing with people, but enough of my ranting. I am bored at work and babbling like a drunken fool with a PC. Hope someone is having fun today, have a beer and burger for the unseen heroes that work on the holidays. All the waiters,waitresses, cashiers, security guards, and bartenders that keep the holidays semi normal. Its just another day that ends in Y people. Nothing more.

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