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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A rant and a birthday

Now I am not going to start pointing fingers on this topic but I have had to deal with this in the past with certain ppl. And it has come up again in my life, Has anyone ever had to play the adult with another adult? Hell I am nowhere near adult but somethings in life should be a no brainer.

I have come across some ppl in my life that live as if there is no tommorow. That is all fine and dandy but on some topics you have to plan and deal with them. I am all for parting until the cows come home and then party with them but certain things in life have to be delt with. Paying your bills on time, (so you dont have to tackle the gas man to keep him from turning it off on you), planning for retirement, ( so when you get old you are not stuck eating cat food), taking care of the things you own,( so your car wont throw a rod because there isnt any oil in the crank case), and taking care of the simple things in life ( making plans to have a room when you go on vacation).
Now I am not going to go into a complete rant about this but I am sure there are ppl out there that can relate to this: Parents that cannt seem to get their kids to step up and be adults, and children who are tired of being the parent to their parents. It boggles my mind to no end when I see ppl not doing the fundamental things a grow person should do. You cannt make someone think the way you do and sometime that is a good thing. If everyone thought like me life would be a wild kegger with strippers in office and no one would be fighting over whose imaginary friend is better . Just do what grown ups have to do and be groovy, nuff said.

Moment of Zen:
The key to life is to declare all right and worng relative. Meaning.....whenever someone says you are doing something wrong you tell them it depeneds on ones definition of wrong. Then you change the definition to suit your needs.........which in short means " In my mind coming to work drunk is just another day at the office" I say it is so therefore it is!

Now onto something fun:
I found this site and have been playing with it all morning........Fun image maker
Here are a few of the ones I made-

I want you to want me.......does anyone know what song I am refering to??? ;-)

I hope your Tuesday is a good one......and a little personal news in Honkeie land.....Little man turns 3 today. We are going to have a little birthday party for him today to celebrarte the day my little man came into our lives. He is such a little demon who likes to spray Fantasic into the vcr, flush our tooth brushes down the toliet, and dump all the baby powder out in his room but he is my bundle of joy and happiness.


one year old

two year old


normiekins said...

CHEAP TRICK ........i feel like i am in high school.....WOW....

Happy Birthday mr. nono's !!!!!!!

the_mrs said...

I love the "1 Year" pic...too cute!

I have to disagree with your "wrong and right" being relative, but no debating for me :)

Oh yeah, and that song is in my head now....

honkeie2 said...

normie: woohooo u know u know hahahaa.

the_mrs: misfits rule! haha....and I was only kidding with the 'wrong right' rant. If ppl really believed that we would all be in a world of hurt. Nothing would be wrong and everyones warpped since of rightousness would be scary.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Nono!!

The Real Kidd said...

HAPPY HAPPY 3RD BDAY LITTLE GUY! 3 is such a fun age. Hope you all eat waaay too much cake and have waaay too much fun! *smooch*

hyka's mess said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Nono!

'ka said...

happy birthday mr. nono's! :)

Cherry said...

Awww, happy b-day to mr. nono!!

I hear ya about people needing to grow the hell up and take on adult responsibilities like everyone else. Have a few members of the family that would fit into that category.

joey♥ said...

cheap trick! love that song. happy birthday to your little one. bye bye terrible two's. wrong and right are relative in certain situations, but in my opinion, there are certain other things that are most definitely right and wrong, no matter what.

honkeie2 said...

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. He is still in the throws of the terrible 2'3 now 3's haha

Anonymous said...

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