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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

"I am not a smart man."

A line made famous by Forest Gump by applies to me at the moment. Last night I was feeling a little sluggish so I decided to make myself a double exsprsso at home. The first one went off with out a problem but the second one casued a bit of a problem. Now if you will look at 'Exibit A' notice the left side of the stove. There are two burners one can turn on, on the front burner I had my little coffee maker and sitting on the back one was a bottle of corn oil. It only had about 2 cups left in it, which was my saving grace this time.

Exibit A- the after clean up.

I turned on the back burner with the bottle of oil and not the front one and went to eat my food. After a few minutes I smell something strange, but a very familiar strange smell one can find in any trailer park or the ghetto when you are standing by the 24 hour chicken shack. As I look over I see the bottle of oil getting smaller......and the stove slowly being covered in oil. I jumped up faster than a straight guy suddenly realizing he had just sat down in a gay bar.
And as you can see by 'Exibit B' this was what I got when I lifted it of the burner.

Exibit B-

I grabbed about a roll and a half of paper towels to try to keep the oil spill contained, Juan Valdez could have used this method and saved himself a world of hurt. Between myself and my sister in law Sharron we get the spill cleaned up with only killing one seagull and two sea otters. Maybe we should go into the oil spill clean up buisness, we just beat the best record ever for an oil clean up.
The end result of the clean up can be seen in 'Exibit A' and 'Exibit C'

Exibit C-

If you get the Juan Valdez joke I can easily assume that I can legally sleep with you and not have to worry about hiring Wacko Jacko's lawyers. And in sleeping with you I mean it in the way Jacko ment it-- bajamas, California King bed, monkies, and bottles and bottles of Jesus juice!


Lisa said...

WOW! And I thought catching the toaster on fire last week was bad! heehee

honkeie2 said...

did u take pictures of it????

the_mrs said...

Never a dull moment at your house, huh?

honkeie2 said...

not with me running around heheehehe

Hammy said...

You just don't want to do anything in the kitchen. Keep up the "I'm hopeless in the kitchen act" and you'll be able to keep your job and not worry about housework.

Cherry said...

You sound like me in the damn kitchen. Hubby and I were only married for 2 weeks when he informed me I wasn't allowed in the kitchen anymore. I am a walking disaster in that room. :)

Katie said...

LOL..i did that same thing but with butter...

honkeie2 said...

hammy:ssssshhhhhhhh never ever say things like that out loud

cherry:it works for women as well haha

katie: just add the potatos and all is fixed lol

Lisa said...

You need to check yo email and holla at a sista!

Shannon said...

Can I just laugh at you?? Please? Ohhh too late, I already am!! HEHEHE..

I got the Juan joke!!! (OK not really) just act like I got it ok? =)

honkeie2 said...

lisa: I will have to lol

shannon: laugh away...I was haha

Joe Tornatore said...

Don't you miss the cruise when everything was taken care of for you?