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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Happy HNT ...but not really

I have a cold and got about 2 hours of broken sleep last night so my HNT will be lame as ever, I am pretty sure I have used this picture in the past but I am tired as hell. The little man has a wicked head cold and cannt breath out of his nose. He is not a mouth breather by nature so it upset him to no end to have to do it. He would sleep for about 10 mintues at a time then cry in his sleep then stop. It was like Chinese water torture, needless to say it was a long long night. To make matter worse this is the day I worked 16 hours straight. I feel so dis-com-bobb-u-lated today and cannot seem to put my thoughts toghter. So if I seem a bit rambley and off, blame it on all of the over the counter happiness I am running on.
But I must say there sure is allot of fun things to watch on TV at 3 in the morning. I was watching this show about hurricanes. There was this story about a mile long barrier island back in 1893 off the coast of Rockaway NY called Hog Island that sank. A massive hurricane came into the bay area and whiped this island off the face of the earth. What makes it even more interesting it that is was a resort for the rich at the time and that there is very little information on this event. I would think something like this would have made a mark in some history books somewhere. But even after looking through yahoo and goggle very little has ever been reported about this land mass that went missing over night. The only reason this place came to light is because of another strom, artifacts from the ancient resort were knocked out of their watery grave and came to shore. The artifacts were found by some students and were later identified as plates, toys and everyday things one might find in someones home. It is speculated that they came from this long forgoten island, carbon dating palce these things from the time of the storm and the location they were found point to only one conclusion. They came from Hog Island.

But I am having real trouble keeping my mind on this post, it keeps wandering. Making for trouble in typing and thinking. I probably wont even go back and reread what I have put down so far. So here is my appology for all my typo's --BITE ME WHERE IT SMELLS FUNNY--
Hahahahhaahhaha man that brings up some nasty visuals hahahaha. But here is my lame HNT, it was taken at the college my wife goes to: Kean Universaty in NJ. She had forgoten something at home and since we live a block from it I ran it over to her. I am just that nice of a guy haha.

Happy HNT, now I am off to bang my head on the floor in hopes I can knock this cold out.


normiekins said...

feel better honk.....i feel your pain.....still a nice picture anyway.....history channel has some great stuff on at 3 also!!!

Becky said...

DayQuil and coffee, no better diet for anyone when they're sick!

Danielle said...

i remember seeing this pic before!!! i like it

The Real Kidd said...

Awww, man sorry you and the little guy are both feeling under the weather. That sucks. Sick babies are never happy babies. Hope you two get to feeling better soon hon.

Happy HNT.

the_mrs said...

**bites you where it smells funny**


honkeie2 said...

normie: I still have the sniffles it ssux...and yes i like the history channel as well.

becky: dayquil is da bomb!

D: Tanks

kid: tank ewe, Ib gots a old

the_mrs: hahahahahaha stop that, it tickle!

Video X said...

oh gosh! terribly sorry about your sickness...and the little man's sickness. how miserable. i'm with you on the cold and no sleeping thing...but thankfully it's just me and not my kid too.

when the nyquil doesn't work, it can't be good.

Lisa said...

Hope you feel better. Missin you on MySpace!!

Shannon said...

I think that is actually a nice picture! BTW where are my men and their bouncing sacks? lmaoo.. You suck hahaha.. I will forgive b/c..

1.) There are no women bouncing around lol


2.) You are sick

You are lucky!! hehe

Happy HNT!

Chris Kalani said...

what are you doing with a Danny Tanner avatar... lol

normiekins said...

hope you are feeling a little better!

Hammy said...

Lack of sleep = lack of typos. Well, less than normal. What does it all mean?

joey♥ said...

hot and spicy foods like wasabi help my nose clear up at least temporarily. hope you feel better. oh, and theraflu!

As always... Rachael said...

Bloodhound Gang fan, eh?

Avoid medications... they'll kill you. Nothing beats whiskey for ailments such as these!

Becky said...

Hope you're feeling better!

Carie said...

everyone I know has caught the flu this year, and with my poor immune system they all decided to share it with me for the little man being sick as well...its so hard to watch your little one be sick, Ashley was (still is) a pathetic little one with these huge eyes that melted me lol she could have gotten anything out of me lol...

get well soon to you and the family

smashpOp said...

hey there... got here from chriskalani's blog. haha

nice meetin u