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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Do you know Page?

I was trolling through the internet as I usually do looking for porn and I was reconnected with one of the women I give credit to my love of panty hose......well cannt forget one of my first dirty mags was "Leg Show"....her name is Bettie Page. I dont care if you dont dig women the way I do but you have to admit she was one hot pin-up girl. She had legs one could chew on for days and a but that could cause men to murder.

God...just looking at that pics makes me wish I could just take a bite out of that apple hmmmmmm. I did a little research to see if she was still around and it turns out she israther hidden from the public eye and has refused to have any photos taken of her, she said she perfers to have ppl remeber how she was and not how she looks now. But I beg to differ, no matter what she looks like now she will always look like this to me:

We all age and change in ways we would perfer not to think about but it happens to us all. She was one hell of a playmate but she was still a person I would have loved to have met. But she is a bit older than me, hell one of her first photo shoots was back in 1951. Just to put a date to things here and I was born in 1976......but hot damn.....I would have climbed out of my crib to get at dem tiggle bitties!

One of the reasons that ppl give for her disapearance in the pin-up scene was religous reasons. It seems that she married some wack job of man and she ended her career as a modle. Another one killed in the name of an imaginary friend...what a shame I would have loved to seen her in more than pictures.....if ya know what I mean haha. She was hotter than hell.

She is a woman that was said to have one of the most perfect figures of her time. That must have been one hell of thing to live up to year after year. It was and still is very true, few pin-ups have her shape or look. There have been a few but most of the women in main stream mags are to damn skinny. But as age took its toll so did her fame of having the famed body, things happen as I said and we cannt live up to what the public wants. I did find a resent pic of her and I still stand by what I said before.....she is older but she is still the same woman I cranked my teenage shaft of to in those black and white photos I had.

Not saying I have anything agaist the other two women in that pic but if I were to screw Anna Nicole I would have to duct tape her mouth shut.....that womans voice could sour mild in one sentence and kill an erection brought on by a bottle of Viagra.

I think that I need a little me time now after all this research I have done. It has brought my beast to his fullest attention and one must answer when the devil calls. To bad I cannt take my computer into the bathroom with me haha. Does anyone know any good Bettie Page look-a-likes? And they better not be transvestites, so help me GOD if someone sends me a link with a Page look-a-like and its a dude! I will hunt you down and chew out your gall bladder thorugh your belly button. With that said I hope everyone is have just as a good day as I am.....:-D


Shannon said...

Umm.. I once took a pin up test and it stated I was most like her.. I guess that's ok.. I wasn't thrilled about it.. I wanted to be Marilyn Monroe lol.. Now that woman had curvessss.. she was a size 14, did you know that? Curves are great.. women should be curvy...=)

Cherry said...

Ok, the bangs have got to go. :(

honkeie2 said...

shannon: I dont want to upset u but I was just about to post on your blog about how u remind me of her....and yes i knew Monroe was a size 14...and yes real women have curves. To hell with these skinny hollywood bitchs lol.

cherry: I am sure it was just a style of the times.....and hell i was not all that interested in the hair up there lol

melly21775 said...

She is a purdy lady. I myself like people who have a little meat on their bones. If a man is smaller than me, then I don't want any part of that! Bring on the big manly man!

Lisa said...

Glad to see you rekindling the flame with your childhood porn addiction.

Sonya said...

Shan - I'm glad you think curves should be in. I have then on the sides, the front and the back. LOL!

Shannon said...

Well that's ok.. I guesssssss lol.. but I will have you know I am a size 6 Mr. lol.. and that's not too bad considering I have had 2 babies pass out of my loins haha.. too graphic huh? Sorry haha

Sonya.. I really believe that.. and if u ask most men they would agree.. curves are a good thing..boobs are curvy, (men like boobs)... bottoms are curvy, (men like bottoms) ... hips, again curvy, men like hips for many reason hehe

Polyman2 said...

I love women with curves and full on top, Mmmmm, and handles are made to hold on to.
Most women in the spotlight need a hamburger.

Ranger Tom said... had a whole bunch of her a long time ago... I'm not even sure that the website is still up or not.

I'm not married anymore so now I have no need for porn...


honkeie2 said...

melly: Thats the spirit!

lisa: i wish she was my babysitter!

sonya: All woman i see :-D, real men want curves.

poly: Yes they do!

ranger: I used porn when I was single and I use it still. Addictions are my friend haha

Fidget said...

They are realeasing a movie about her life in April - i cant wait!!

The Real Kidd said...

Hey Shannon, I took that same test and it said the same thing about me!! I didn't know who she was at the time, but after looking her up, she was one hot mama!