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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Wednesday smells funny

I was at the gym yesterday and I was assualted, well my nose was anyway. I was doing the leg press sled and I smell something a little funny. At first I thought I had let one go during my last set, and if you have ever done heavy weights with the leg press you will know the joy of an escaping fart. But I know it wasnt me, I had went over to the tread mills to fire one off before I started. I finished what I was doing and move to a different area of the gym, becasue that was where they had moved the machine that I needed not that I was running form someones ass gas.
I was back in the general area after I was done with outer and inner thighs and was now going to finish up with some squats when the smell hit me again. But this time it had company, the odor of really bad BO! It was so bad it was giving me a headace. I finally found the source of this smell, it was this giant power lifter I have seen many times before and boy was he ripe! I know I do not smell like fucking roses when I hit the gym but come on now, used deoderant and shower in the morning. I was not about to be the one to give Mr.NoNeck a lesson in hygien and it should be common sense here but sense aint so common . I did find a girl for him though....

It got so bad I had to breath out of my mouth to keep from gagging. Now maybe he cannt smell, it is very common not to have the old nose not working. I have met a few ppl that cannt smell, and I guess ignorance is bliss haha. I would not give up my sense of smell for anything, even if I is under constant attack in places like the gym. The sense of smell triggers so many things, emotions, hunger and many times nostalga(sp).
What smells do you like? Here are a few of mine:
1) The perfume, Sunflower- every other girl in my high school wore this fragance. And to this day it puts me into over drive hehe.
2) Freshly made bread- It just smells good!
3) Magnolia's in bloom- I lived in Baton Rouge, LA for 2 years as a kid and the smell of these flowers make me smile.
4) Beer- need I say more lol
5) Old Spice- I had a bottle of this when I was a kid and it reminds me of simpler days :D
6) Skool- My greatgrand mother did snuff to the day she died in her early 90's. She ate fat back, drank beer and did snuff, what a woman haha!

What smells get u off or remind u of good/bad things?


normiekins said...

great post honk!
.......freshly brewed coffee.....
.......freshly showered man......
.......clothes that were dried in the fresh air.....
.......baked cinnamon rolls.....

honkeie2 said...

hmmmm i to like the smell of a good cup of coffe. I love the smell of a freshly open can of coffe :-D

kristin said...

My nose was also assaulted recently.

My stepdad farted in my moms car and put the window lock on thinking he was being funny. I quickly proved him wrong by decorating the back seat with the food I had just eaten for dinner.

I am TERRIBLE with anything. Strong smells always make me gak. At least you can keep yourself from vomiting lol.

the_mrs said...

I love the smell of clean sheets. Well, maybe it's the detergent I like, so clean clothes, too. I love dryer sheets. I love the smell of the house after I have just dusted/vacuumed/Windex-ed....and I LOVE how my husband smells after getting out of the shower. Whatever soap he used is awesome.

The Real Kidd said...

Ahh, smells.

The smell of a hot summer night. Reminds me of the times when I was a young and dumb teenager cruising town with my friends in the old convertible. Stetson for men. My very first boyfriend wore Stetson and when I smell it I think of his high school letterman’s jacket, his class ring and class trips. And some people might find this one odd, but the smell of horses. Growing up with horses and barrel racing was the best. Most would find the smell offensive, but for me it takes me back to a much simpler time and it makes me smile.

honkeie2 said...

kristin: That is soo nasty lol. You haev to learn how to turn off your nose when need to.

the_mrs:I love the smell of a freshly washed woman hmmm shower time anyone? lol

Kidd: Nothing wrong with the smell of horses. I can think of a few other things worse than horse haha. All the smell of high school are great :D

Becky said...

I'd so drive you wild! With my Sunflowers perfume I still wear, lol. Yeah, I'm old school!

honkeie2 said...

becky: stayyyyy awayyyyyyy far away lol.

Danielle said...

loved this post!!!!

I like---

*Cotton Candy
*Cherry (my favorite)

Cherry said...

It got so bad I had to breath out of my mouth to keep from gagging.

LOL!! Honk I can just picture you getting the tongue sweats at the gym! :)

And nothing turns me the hell on more than the way a man smells after working on a car. Something about the "mechanic" smell drive me up the f-ing wall. :)

steph said...

I love the smell of gasoline.

And I love how certain perfumes remind me of certain times in my life. Ck1 hahahaha reminds me of 8th grade.

I love the smell of beer.
I get sick at the smell of southern comfort.. blahhhhh...

Lisa said...

funny funny funny!!!

honkeie2 said...

D: cotton candy hmmm

cherry: and the smell of two dudes makin out, testosterone running rampant lol

steph: I must agree with u on all of yours-gasoline, beef and nasty sf lol

lisa: I like funny but i love psycho stories ;-)

joey♥ said...

eww b.o. is a realy problem in gyms. smells i like? cinnamon, vanilla, freshly dried laundry, and anything citrusy. oh and 'very sexy' cologne for men by victoria's secret.

Shannon said...

I love the smell of fresh cut grass..... vanilla, fresh baked cookies, carnations, fabric softner sheets (especially downy and gain), the smell of a Bar-B- Que is heavenly!! =)

'ka said...

oh man... i'm very sensitive when it comes to smell, and that's 1 of the reason why i'm not the biggest fan of gym. :D

freshly made bread
men's cologne - fahrenheit
women's perfume - fleur d'interdit and victoria's secret 'endless love'.. hmmm.... :)

Lo Lo Lova said...

Like 'Ka, I am also very sensitive to smells. When I was pregnant it was unbelievable the odors my sniffer picked up.

This dude sounds absolutely repulsive. And I'm secretly attracted to him. NO I'M NOT - I'M KIDDING!

Good smells: coffee, mom's homemade spaghetti sauce, summer air wafting in thru the open windows, and the Bath & Body Works soap my husband uses. Yummy :)

Becky said...

Where are the nudie pics?! Damn'it! You slacker!

Hammy said...

BO is off but nothing beats a repulsive fart. My son, who's five, has learnt this and he reeks. Coffee smells terrible and I can't understand how coffee drinkers can stand it. Old Spice - my first deodorant. Give me Brut 33 any day. Women who use steam roller-sized doses of perfume are certainly overdoing it.

Smell of a fresh morning.
Smell of a newly created dutch oven (as long as I did it!).
Smell of sweat.