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Thursday, February 09, 2006

The Doctor.....

I went in and got the suprise of my life! I have to take the test again because the nurse forgot to tell me to fast 12 hours before the test. According to the test as of now my trigylicorides(sp) were way off and my kidneys were acting up. My cholestorel was a little high but nothing to even worry about. The doc said that the kidney activity was probably due to my exercise and creatine I am taking and the other thing, I have no idea how to spell it, could be fixed easily with some fish oil. So here I am freaking out about these test results and the odds are its all because the nurse forgot to tell me something. I am not knocking these women at the office, they were working their big old booties off(and yes they all had really big butts) I am just a bit miffed I have to come back to get more blood taken. I hate having blood drawn, I dont like it not one bit ! Ohhhh well.

I have a test to day in skool on this book we have been reading about Elvis. Now, I have nothing agaist Elvis. He was a great guy in my book but the guy that wrote this book has to be one of the worst bio writters I have ever read. I am not saying I could do better but I have read better. Elvis did not have a boring life by any means but this book is such a drag and I really hate reading it. I am some pages behind and need to catch up a bit so soon as I am done here I am off to read. And yes I am at work blogging and doing homework, dont u wish u had my job lol!
Sorry about no HNT, I was not ready for this one and do not have anything worth sharing. I promise something better than an excuse next week.
But after reading this book about Elvis I now have a much better understanding about who he was. I am no fan of his music, dont get me wrong I do like some of his songs, but he was one hell of a guy. A real horn ball too, them young girls caused him sooo much trouble but he was the KING and we all know, "Its good to be the king!"
And hell with a face like this, it is a sure way to get them panties to drop:


Video X said...

i'm supposed to be doing that fasting bloodwork too. ive been putting it off for months.

screw that crap! i HATE HATE HATE having blood drawn. i dont like needles and i want my blood to stay in me. i might need it someday. i hope they didnt do that as a joke...hey lets make this guy come back in and stick him one more time. nah...that wouldnt be very funny, i'm sure they just forgot.

good luck on your test!

Becky said...

He was a cutie! I don't think he made the best music but he did have the looks, I can't deny that much.

The Real Kidd said...

Oh crap man! That sucks. Sorry they did that to ya. I don't like having my blood drawn either.

normiekins said...

Good luck on the Elvis test.......sorry about the blood test.....!

joey♥ said...

that's annoying that the nurse screwed up and forgot to tell you. one time when i got blood taken the nurse pierced my skin wrong and left a bruise the size of a pancake on my arm.

honkeie2 said...

vx: I fuck with them next time and squrit them with my blood lol.

becky: So I will take it Elvis could get your panties to drop huh?

Kidd: There has to be a better way to get it out lol.

Normie: I am so not looking forward to this test....thanks

joey: Even though they did a god job on the needle I was still left with an ugly bruise.

Cherry said...

GOOD to hear about the doctor. I know it sucks having to get blood drawn again, but at least that all it is. :) Glad you're ok.

I don't mind having blood taken. I guess I am just strange like that.

I was never much of an Elvis fan, he totally SOLD OUT. Some of his songs sucked ass, and most of his movies are an embarrasment to mankind.

I am a Beatles girl myself.

honkeie2 said...

Cherry: Yes u are werid like that lol. I not a fan of the beatles either sorry. Even though my mom used to dress me like one when i was a kid lol