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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dick shoots Harry

I am not one for keeps taps on Bush and what his puppet masters are up to but this story knocked my off my chair laughing.
It seems while Dick was out with Harry he did the old redneck assian trick-I thought he wuz ah dur-
Well actually the AP said:
"The department found the accident was caused by a "hunter's judgment factor" when Cheney sprayed another hunter while aiming at flying birds."
But close enuff for me hahahahha. I fore see a SNL skit here and i think I will watch this weekend to see if I am right. SNL has gotten really stoopid and I do not watch it anymore but I will be this Saturday. I think Chris Farrley would have made a great Dick lol. Damn it Chris why did u have to leave us?
I am no Bush supporter for reasons I do not want to get into, mainly because if u have to ask u are too lost for me to help. That is how I see it, and if you dont agree then thats ok we all have our own views on things. But in his defense I bet good old GW is one hell of a guy to party with.

Not much is going on in my world, I went to the gym yesterday and saw a few interesting things. They do not allow cameras in the gym and for good reason, but boy did I wish I had mine with me.
Firts off: Women with big boobies need to jump rope more often. I was in the far corner doing leg curls when out of the corner of my eye I see a set of jumpy fun bags. Her personal trainer had taken her to the far corner of the aerobics floor to do this. Now mind u there are mirrors on all sides of this room and to see this wonderous spectical all you had to do was walk by. I had front row seats for this and was frozen in time for a second. I do not like to stare or make it obvious that I am a pervert but where I was sitting I had no worries. It only lasted a few minutes but I was locked on even as I finished up what I was doing, I dont care what is going on around me I will not let anything interupt my work out! They were done before I was done so my free show was short lived lol.
Second, I saw the most homo-erotic exersice to date. There are 4 muscle heads I see at the gym working out toghter all the time. That in itself isnt a big deal, I used to go to the gym with my bro in law all the time but what these guys were doing yesterday was disturbing. I have no idea what this ab exersice is called and I am going to have a hard time discribing it but it was gay as hell!

Gay ab move Step one:
Have your partner sit on the floor.

Gay ab move Step two:
Walk up to him and lock your feet under his ass and have him wrap his legs around your ankles. His face should now be only inchs from your crothch.

Gay ab move Step three:
Lay down in a bent knee sit up position, now go into a full sit up and continue up until you are back to the crotch to face position.

Gay ab move Step four: Repeat, and dont forget to do a little pelvis thrust once you reach the end of the move.

Now dont get me wrong, I tried this with my wife later on that night and was not able to even do one, its a hard exersice to do. But you will never catch me doing this in a gym full of people. Unless I was going for gay pron try outs lol.

And before I forget Happy forced romance and love Day. Its the day where men give women dead flower and sex inducing chocolate in the hopes of some poodanda play. Dont get me wrong
I am all for romance and love but dont make up a holiday and force men to do something that is completely not us. Women understand romance and most men are clueless(the ones who understand it are either gay or are good at facking it because they are still single and have to play to game to get any play) But it is a day to make your woman or man feel good about the relationship and no flowers or cards can ever exspress how lucky and happy my woman makes me. I used to have a romantic bone in me but I seemed to have lost it somewhere and now I am just the typical caveman chest beater. I love my wife and have yet to figure out how to make her know it. I try from time to time and do succed from time to time, so I dont need a day where all the love and romance has to come out in a 24 hour period. I used to think this but then again I used to think santa clause was real lol.

So happy Valentines Day!


Danielle said...

haaaaaaaaaa I cant believe that ass shot him!!!!!!! what a mess..........

*lets go quall hunting*

yea okay!

Becky said...

Happy Valentine's! Did you get your wife roses, you better!

As always... Rachael said...

happy valentines day. Thanks for the exercise visual... that's a little creepy

Shannon said...

First of all.. SHAME ON YOU for staring at that poor woman jumping rope!! LOL.. That's why I stopped working outy at a public gym.. guys gawk and gawk and gawk.. and I can't put my ALL into my work out.. so I do it from home now.. Neener.. Neener pervs lol (Not saying you are a perv.. you are just a respectful perv) lol

I agree Valentines Day is forced on us. I kinda feel bad for guys..they gotta worry about it more then women, but sometimes we do need to take a day and just SHOW our affections to our loved one, sometimes we forget. So just suck it up, buy a card and some flowers and say "Baby I loveeeeeee you" =)

Happy Valentines Day! =)

steph said...

"jumpy fun bags" lol!! : )

The Real Kidd said...

LMAO! Great gay porn visual there man! Thanks, I appreciate that. NOT!

Happy Valentines Day. I try not to put too much pressure on my hubby. I let him roll Valentines and my birthday (2/20) all into one day. This year by far is the best year ever! Nine Inch Nails tickets and a night in OKC! Yeah baby!

I hope you got your wife SOMETHING for the big day. But I don’t blame you if you don’t buy flowers. A friend bought a dozen roses for his wife and it cost him $82 bucks! OUCH! Buy her some chocolates and sexy lingerie. Have a nice quiet dinner in and have her try on that lingerie for ya. *wink*


honkeie2 said...

D: Lets pootang hunting lol

Becky: U think I am crazy ....

rachal: Yes it was even creepier in person lol.

Shannon: I could not help it and she did not see me looking. I was a gentleman perv lol. When I am at the gym I see ppl looking at me and dont care, and yes women stare just as much as men do." Hello, my eyes are up here...."

Happy Valentines to eveyone and my woman always feels special but flowers are good way to open the gates of venus though hehe

honkeie2 said...

steph: I callem as i seemem lol

kidd:NIN I am sooo jealous! What is OKC?

Jasmine said...

{{{Happy Valentine's Day Honkeie}}}



Kristen said...

Happy Ordinary Tuesday!!!!

The Real Kidd said...

Oklahoma City baby! NIN will be at the Ford Center March 28th! CAN'T WAIT!!

honkeie2 said...

Jas: Happy V Day ass well :-D

kristen: Happy Tuesday lol

Kidd: Take me with you, I eat light and drink heavy, can make a lento out of dental floss....

The Real Kidd said...

ROFLMAO! Honkeie hon I wish I could. I'm sure it would be a blast! Unfortunately I only have two tickets and seeing how hubby did pay for them, I guess I better take him with me.

Video X said...

sweet! cmon honkie! take your camera and get in on the gay abs routine! we want pictures hahaha.

happy valentines day!

jungle jane said...

i love that exercise! pornography in the gym always lightens the atmosphere!

Cherry said...

ok, that gay ab stuff is turning me the hell on. You MUST NOT tease me like this!! :)

Happy Valentines Day, Honk!!! :)

Carie said...

when I read he shot that attorney I was laughing so hard lol

Happy Valentines Day :o)

joey♥ said...

DICK cheney. DICK. i just love saying his name. you are so right about snl. they are so spoofing it asap. snl hasn't been so hot lately though.

i wish you had your camera at the gym too, haha. wow.

honkeie2 said...

kidd: well thanks for the offer lol

vx: I might try lol happy V day

jane: U have seen this done before? lol

cherry: U r sooo nasty lol I love nasty ppl Happy V Day

carie: I love it when politicians shot each other lol. Happy V Day

joey: Lets say it togheter DICK!

'ka said...

happy belated v-day, man... so did you give the wifey flower? :D

or maybe we all need to send some love to mr. harry :D

honkeie2 said...

ka: i sent all my flowers to harry and sent dick a learners manual on what to shoot at lol

AM said...

Oh! so Santa is not real?! :O

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