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Wednesday, February 08, 2006


I am rather angry at blogger right now. But it isnt road rage anger, more like a 'I sat down to take a dump and find out there isnt any t.p. after I dropped the first bomb over Bagdad' anger. And hell it is not like I am paying for this service, and to get better service I would probably consider paying lol. I am curious, how does this site make money if none of use pay for any of this? Not that I realy care but I am curious haha.

I have been going to the gym now for 4 weeks and I feel great. I have been hitting the weights heavy as I possibly can without a spotter, it can be a little scary doing certain excersies without one. Bench press has to about the most intimidating exercise to do alone, which is what I used to start off my workout yesterday. I started off at 125lbs and increased the weight by 10lbs per set. By the time I finished with this excersies I was doing 156lbs but the reps went from a perfcet 10 to a shakey 6. I got it back up with out to much trouble but I was thinking of trying more but I know my limits and do not want to literally kill myself in the name of vainity. I used to go with the brother-in-law Doug but he is in the navy now so I am back to self motivation and self spoting. Neither of them is easy or fun, I have to MAKE myself go to the gym and I have to cheat a little when it comes to my heavy weights. Cheating isnt bad when done correctly but when done sloppy one can hurt themselves. I see people do it all the time, some guy trying to do a one handed bicep curl with too much wieght bend his back like a palm tree in a wind storm to get the wieght up. Or better yet the guy bench pressing way too much arching his back like a porn star in the throughs of the biggest fake orgasim in history trying in vain to get the bar up to the start position. I chringe everytime I see these guys, I want to tell them they are going to hurt themselves but being a gym rat I know these guys wouldnt listen anyway. Way Macho Man doesnt need advise, but they will need a chiropractor in the near future. I size ppl up all the time and from time to time I am soo rough I am embarassed I even had those thoughts. It happened yesterday in the gym. I see this skinny little white guy about my hieght but 100lbs less doing the same basic workout. He starts his bench at the same weight and to myself I thought," Oh no here we go again, get the ambulance ready." But to my suprise he held his own agaist the battle with gravitey. He was looking a little shakey at the end but nothing that warrented a spotter. Looks can be decieving as we all know, this guy looked thin and weak wristed but turns out he can lift with the big boys lol.

I have to go back to the doctor today to speak with him about my blood test resuls. If I said I wasnt nervous I would be lieing, I dont think I have anything wrong with me but you never know. I am hoping it is just a little talk about what the results show and a hand shake on how healthy I am. But no matter, its all good and no matter what happens I will be back tommorow. I might have to change my eating habits a bit, I do like to eat shit from time to time and that can be bad in the long run. And I am sure my drinking cannt be all that good either lol. I will keep everyone abreast to what doctor 'Turn Your Head and Cough' says, wish me luck!

To end my blog with your Moment of Zen, remeber to laugh a little and rember:


kristin said...

thats why wordpress rox :)

honkeie2 said...

lol....yep i guess so kristin

Cherry said... the Jesus Wal-Mart. :)

God, I don't know how guys can lift the weight they do. It always amazes me. I couldn't even get up to benchpressing 50 lbs. haha

Hope the doctor appt. goes well. Since you say you are a bad eater, it proabably has to do with your cholestorol. No more fatty foods for you!! :)

Now about the turning your head and coughing thing....just make sure the doctor only has ONE hand on your shoulder. haha

Shannon said...

First of all... Good luck at the doctors today!! I am sure you will be fineeeeeeee =)

Secondly.. I think blogger makes money like Yahoo does... off of AOL and other servers and so on.. they all are in it together!!

Third~ Glad you are feeling great after working out for 4 weeks... it's an awesome feeling..=)

Lastly.. that Wal-Mart/Jesus picture was hysterical lmaooooooooo

honkeie2 said...

cherry: I will have to check for the two hands next time lol. And I bet you can bench for more than 50 haha.
shannon: I hope so thanks :-D and yes feeling good is a great feeling haha

The Real Kidd said...

Ah, good luck with the doc. Hope all is well. I sure miss working out with weights. There was a time......prebabies that is, when I could do a pretty good job on the weight bench. But alas, that time has since passed. Maybe someday.
So congrats on the 4 week workout thing. Keep it up! I know what a great feeling it can be! *wink*

Becky said...

Jesus saves at Wal-Mart, that's great!

Blogger can suck a huge cock! You can make money off your blog is you advertise with google though.

Becky said...

P.S. you are so going right to hell! lol

Video X said...

that's a cool picture thing there.

wow you've posted a lot!

blogger shmogger. it's dumb.

congratulations on all your gym work and feeling great! that's awesome. i have to go to walmart to get saved? nah...i'm just going to keep going to hell.

Joe Tornatore said...

the free weight room is intimidating. I take a different approach. I put, no lie, 10 pounds on the bar and do 25 perfect reps very slow. it must look laughable. i do 2-3 sets. same with dumbells, me and the ladies fight over the 12 pound dumbells for flys. occasionally, i grab the 30 pound dumbells for isolated curls. I don't want to gain mass, merely definition.
keep up the good work it is UPLIFTING. yuk yuk.

Hammy said...

If only Bill Clinton did a bit of self-spotting. Honk, you could teach him something.

joey♥ said...

wal-mart - savings mecca. hey, even jesus likes a good deal. ;)

honkeie2 said...

therealkid:Got out there and hit them weights! It feels good :-D

becky:will u cum with me lol.

vx:Jesus does book signing and saving all in the same place lol.

joe:yuck yuck, I love when the ladies fight over things at the gym. Cat fights are the best!

hammy: Yes he could have, he could have also do better with his clean and jerk :)

joey:yes even he can get good deal hehe