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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, September 05, 2005

It is Monday , it's a holiday and I am at work. The only good part I am the only one here and can do just about anyhting I want. I was thinking of sneaking off to find a place to hide. Knowing my luck something would happen and I would end up with egg on my face. So, here I sit with nothing to really do by play internet games and go into a food coma. When I get bored I eat or drink booze. And since drinking at work is looked down apon, here I sit with a stomache full of chinese people, I mean food, chinese food!
I am sooo sleepy from, what? I have not a clue. Yesterday I tried to drink 3 red bulls and some coffe but it did not seem to help one bit. I was so out of it, one would have thought I was crashing off something. But funny thing is I am not on any thing constitute a down cycle. But he is how I felt all day Sunday to present: I just could not get my sheet togther, and today seems to be just like the other. I think I will be taking a visit to Dr. Feelgood soon to see if the pharacy has any answers to this delima. If they have a pill to fix my penis they have to have a pill for this for fuk sakes. All I need is a little something to make me feel normal again....just a little pill shaped like Fred Flinstone with that wild grape flavor to get me going :-D


Jenn said...

I worked the holiday too. Fear not, you are not alone.

Anonymous said...

OOOhh... I did not work the holiday. I worked off my large hangover, and went to moms to eat some pizza. Now I'm at work today wishing I were sleeping

honkeie2 said...

I wish I were sleeping any day I am at work lol. No hang over for me lol.

Cass said...

Soylent Green is people! Chinese people!

Oh, my word is golfoby, almost like golfboy, but not quite