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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

I feel soo much better that I can post my pics, thank you Gods of the Blog. So here are the photos of my weekend.....

I went to the old goth club me and my wife used to haunt. And they did not let us down in the least with the werid, the strange and good music. They repainted the front door since we were Children of the Night. I am still in love with the night life and love staying up late, but the wife loves going to bed early. I still remeber when we would stay here until they turned the lights on us. Good times, good times!


They have 2dollar drinks until 11:00 and I took advantage of this like a fein. I was drink gin and tonic for like 30 minutes before the shooters came out. I hate black lights, all of your imperfections and spots of dust bunnies glow in the fucking dark. But it sure makes somethings look cool.
Cool black light #1

Cool black light pic #2- Flyer from the bar.

Not soo cool black light photo...I have no words to describe what they hell this looks like. Anyone have any good suggestions on how one would desrcibe this? By the way, thats me :-D

I could not leave the bathroom without leaving my mark on the walls. If anyone that works/owns QXT's --It was there when I got there ;-)

I soo love snaky bar bathrooms, it has such character it is almost palatable!

From left to right-Katherine(friend of Rayman), Rayman(our friend), and then wife. I was thinkin of dressing up but I forgot how to put on eye-liner. Not really, I can still make a perfectly straight line, real men wear eye liner lol. I just wasnt in the mood, maybe next time :-D. I really have to get a scanner and show how I looked back in the leather pants days .

This is Dave(our friend), Rayman again :-D and the other guy with the glow in the dark hair is Katherine's b/f. They are totaly perfect toghter, today was an anniversary of some sort. I think it was thier one year since they hooked up here at the club. Con grats !

This is the dance floor, as you can tell I am not in there. Being white I am rythemless and was not about to try--again. I have been known to hoop in the middle of the mix(after a countless number of drinks) but tonight was not one of them. But I was tempted after I saw Ray and Dave in there, I was not daring that night lol. It was really dark and this was the best pic out of like 10 using all the different setting on my digital camera. I wish I could have gotten a better pic, there were some really cool outfits out there. I was soo tempted to ask them to pose but I did not want to be the usual rude tourist I am most of the time :-D. And even though people think goth is a white thang there were a few ppl of color there as well. Hell, you need someone to teach these whities how to dance with the music lmao :-). And I am sorry to any white guy with dreads, but dreads only look cool on a black guys. The white guy with dreads just looks nasty lol.

I have bought countless number of smokes form one of the last smoke machines in NJ. But I am soo glad I dont NEED to smoke anymore. They are fucking $7 a pack, thats like 3 big mac meals, 3.5 gallons of gas, 7 items form the dollar store, a 12 pack of Natural Ice beer with change for a scratch off and 3 energy drinks. Now if I want one I just bum them off ppl, mind you that is like once maybe twice a year lol. Each time I am reminded why I quit but that NEED is a driving force not to be reconded with sometimes lol!

I totaly suck at pool but I love to play. I want one of these bar tables for my house, I cannt handel a full size table at all! And besides I would not feel so bad if it gets a little dirty, it will just add to the feel of the table. This table has alot of "feel" to it lol. I wonder how many ppl have had sex on this thing? Knowing some of these ppl I would put my money on alot. I wonder what that black light would show over here?

This is the stairway to HELL!! Just kidding it is the stairs to the area called the Dungeon...spoooky! Its a small area with a DJ and bar, totaly cool! Makes it a bit more personal, everyone sooo close, makes for copping a feel easier lol. I was going to take some pics down there but it was even darker down there.
For a little side note, the Dungeon is the first place I threw up here at Q's. All I know was that I started getting that water taste in my mouth , short fast breathing, room spinning, and then RALPHHHHH. Luck for me I was sitting next to a garbage can and the saw dust trolls were near by.

If QXT's were to have a mascot this would be it. I have be coming here for about 7 years and the wife for about 10 back in the day when it was called the "Edge" and this this has been there. I am not sure when Puff first came on the scene but everytime I see it I think its the funniest thing. I wonder what the story behind him and his rider is?

So to some up my trip down memory lane---Fucking Riot! I spent more money than I should have but oh well, there are always worst things to spend it on-college! We left a little earlier than I had wanted but we both had to get up early to work at a local fair( which I will post soon). It was for her job and I told her I would help out, no biggie. To continue down the memory lane we stopped at the diner we used to go to at 3 in the morning for the are booze munchies. It was a bit dead because it does not get busy there until the ghetto clubs let out. We missed all da faux bling, hair extensions, and the Dodge Neons with body kits and giant mufflers. I used to love walking into there dressed like a character from an Anne Rice novel, these ppl were totaly werided out. They might have taught we looked werid but I found them even werider, when I went home I took off my club clothes and put them away. These were thier day to day cloths, they always dress like that lol. And oh yeah, I am so envious of your life sized 24 karrot diamon incrusted Jesus funny.


Danielle said...

omg!!!! too funny!! loved the pics!!! and you know i need one of these:

24 karat diamond incrusted Jesus head..


honkeie2 said...

Just make sure its life size!

sharon said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! (yes that is the best i came up with)

Cherry said...

Wow, looks like you had a great time! We have a bar like that in Denver called The Deadbeat Club. I miss that place.

Oh, and you didn't drink enough. ANY white person can dance as long as they are three sheets to the wind. :)

honkeie2 said...

Let me count the drinks:
-3 beers and a shot of jack at home
-1 gin&tonic
-1 amareto sour
-1 gin&tonic
-1 shot of yagger
-1 beer
-1 vodka and red bull
and I think I had another beer here or there. But the urge to dance was there and I almost did it to lol.

Katie said...

I love the pic's.

I wish we had a bar like that around here. There is nothing to do around here at all. If you want to find anything good to do you would have to drive at lest an hour from here.

Sound like you had a blast.

Anonymous said...

THat sounds like my friday night... i had 4 bacardi and diet cokes at the bowling alley (not even an hour) maybe i even had 5... then, we went to Paninis where I had atleast 4 more of those... on top of the 3 cherry bombs... then when i got home, i had a grey goose and diet sprite... holy crap was i drunk!

Becky said...

Glad you had fun! I hate clubs myself, always makes me feel clostrophobic. (sp)
You always take really good pics! Sounds like a club I'd be able to go into, even though I've got that extremely white gene in me which makes it so i can't dance at all.

honkeie2 said...

Katie-that is one reason for me staying in NJ and just dealing with the high price of living.

Nancy-I love bowling drunk...its the only way to bowl, you got to love a sport you can get hammered doing and not get hurt lol.

Becky-any woman can dance, in the eyes of a guy. And I am sure you where I am heading with this dity thought lol. And I do understand the clostrophobic thing. Sometimes we were at this club there was no where to even stand. At that point it didnt matter if you could not dance, we were all doing them same thing----the bump'n'grind. LOL

And yes thank you all, I had a blast! I wish every weekend was this much fun but then again if it was always fun my liver might jump out of my body and go looking for a cleaner body lol.

Hernesto G said...

was that an abortion in the urinal?

honkeie2 said...

I am not sure I did not want to get that close lol.

Lindsey said...

ha ha...that is so funny. Love the pictures!

I can't stay out late anymore either...I've realized that I start yawning at about 10pm. God, am I really turning into my parents?