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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Free radio....

Free is usually a good thing, but I have change my tune on this topic. I have had my Sirius satellite radio now for about 4 months and could not be happier. I say fuck Bush and his whole Nazi groupies at the FCC. I might have to pay for it now but I now have an enormous library to select from. And best of all 1) No commercials and 2) Nothing is bleeped or cut out. It is such a breath of fresh air to hear your favorite songs uncut. I am still forced to listen to retard radio at work but soon as I leave my radio will forever be tuned to Sirius radio. It has its draw backs as well but then again what in life is without its problems. If you still like "free radio' don't bother reading this, but like cable TV people will come. They said people would never pay for a service they get for free, that was said about TV and then about the radio. I would gladly pay not to have to listen to these wee-todd-did self righteous jackasses. So now I have soo many things to listen too its hard to stop and listen to just one. You can also long on to your home pc and listen to it from the internet. Toooo cold tooo col!

And the ever debated "play list"is truly out the window here. I have heard song that have been out of circulation for so long they are new all over again. No more Top 20 radio with crappy DJ's and their 40 minutes of over played songs and 20 of un-informative commercials. I wonder what DJ's would say about all these products they push if they were not paid to say it. I was listening to Stern the other day and he was pushing some crappy snapple drink and was loving it. Of course he does, they paid him to love it. He probably never drank it but he says he does now. Hell I would endorse female hygiene products if they paid me to , " I just love this new strawberry douche! I would advise anyone out there that does not feel all that fresh to try it , I know I will!" I need to get a radio DJ job lol, and is it true you need a degree to be a radio DJ? What kinda class would you have%


Cass said...

Satellite radio does rock. Thanks for stopping by my spot today, and I do love beer. I do indeed.


Becky said...

OMG.... to the comment above, well not the comment, the picture!

Yeah, I'm really looking forward to Stern moving over to Sirius, to hear his show unedited should be awesome!

honkeie2 said...

Well the pic does catch you off guard but for those of us who likem on the plump side its a wonderous thing :-D.
And as far as uncensord Stern will be veryyy interesting to hear what will spew from him. All those years being told what he can and can not say to unlimited freedom will be one hell of a show. I am waiting till the day freedom of speech is put to the test.

Keshi said...

I hardly listen to the radio anyways...Im always listening to my MP3 player :)

omg rebecca yes that pic above hehehe...


Anonymous said...

My mom has the XM satellite radio and loves every minute of it... It's actually pretty cool, and If I didn't have my Mp3 player installed I would get one too... That's why i lease my cars... So in 2.5 years, I might get that!

vcifyebd - very cute indeed, for your enjoyment - belly dancers

honkeie2 said...

I would love to get an Ipod but I am not about to shell out 300$ for a glorifed Cd player lol