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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy HNT and wild monkeys

My little man has a book he loves, its called 'Bobby the Bold'. It is a great book for kids and I like reading it to him, it has some funny charaters. One of them is a male hairstylist, who thanks to me has a gay lisp. In my mind that is how I hear this guy when he is talking, and I mean come on- A man who does his own hair and works in a womans hair salon has got to be gay haha. I also like it because it is written in a manner that flows very nicely, some kids books really do not have that flow. Kids at this age like large pictures, fun stories and monkeys. Some kids books we have are like freakin novels and what kid with the attention span of a gnat will sit still for a 'War and Peace' book. Pictures and monkeys thats all!
We were at Babies R US last week and our little drunken midget sees this monkey and he says'Bobby!' And yes, it does in some monkey way look like Bobby. So we end up buying it for him and now it is his favorite bed time toy. He sleeps with Bobby, he is sooo cuite, and that is how and why we have not eatin him yet. Evil twos, three,s fours and all the rest of the years.

If you have little kids who like monkeys I would really suggest for u to get this book.

Now on to something that started on Tuesday and is still here. As I mentioned yesterday my legs were not yet killing me..........well today they are on fire. I love this feeling, lets me know what I did is working. Walking, sitting, standing and even breathing hurts my legs. I got on top of my protien and creatine to help the healing process but nothing will ever get rid of the pain. But a werid problem has come from Tuesday fun, bruises. I was using this toe raise machine, like 300+ pounds and it cause these werid bruises on my shoulders. I dont use certain leg machines because of this very problem. I dont mind getting bruises, its just looks werid lol. I tried to get a picture of them but no setting really was working for me, so here is a crappy pic of one side. I have them on both sides, matching bruises haha. And sorry GutterGirl I will have the boxer nic next week ;-)

Happy HNT!

And due to all the waiting I dedicate this funny pic to my wife unit. She is going to the doctor today so with a little hope they will be sending her off to the hospital to give up this stubborn little man. I joked that if this baby is born on Labor Day he will turn out to a freakin comedian. I will put money of that haha.

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guttergirl said...

I am going to check out the book. Thanks. Good luck to the wife unit. Nice picture of you and your son is such a cutie. Happy HNT!

Becky said...

Wow, poor wifey! Sexy shoulder by the way!

erika said...

Dang your poor wife good luck to her! Great HNT! I will have to check out the book for my neice thanks.

honkeie2 said...

gutter: thanks, and the book is just as cutie ;-)

becky: thanks :-D

reika: check tit out it is a fun book

aidin said...

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honkeie2 said...

eat spam aidin!