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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, August 04, 2006

Realllllll Quick Friday Funny

Welcome and happy Friday! It is still as hot as a room behind Satan's nut sack but its all good, at least it isnt snowing. And we get a chance to use our pool almost everyday now. I just wish it was a little bigger. I would love to be able to swim laps, I could go to the gym that has a pool but I am not that good at it and in my pool I dont have to worry about my shorts coming off. For some reason when I start swimming, freestyle, my shorts come sliding off. I try to tie them tighter but they still seem to creep down and when you ass is as white as mine and you have a nice summer tan now it can be seen for miles and miles. And I really dont think the people at the gym will think its as funny as my 3 year old thinks it is when my shorts come down. Whenever he sees an ass he start hollering "BOOTIE BOOTIE" its the funniest thing.

And on to funny, I dont have much time today. It is almost 3 and we all know what happens when that whistles blows right........Thats right......I forgot.......but at least u know.....Now on to a few funnies I have been saving.

1) Now here is a girl u take home to mom and marry in the same day.

2) Guys here is why they say, " Hell knows no furry like the scorn of a woman" Keep this pic in mind when that young lass starts looking too good.......fantasy is always better than reality, here is a big dose of reality~~~~~>

3) I can contess that this is a lie......... :-(

4) I am not much for workout videos but I think I am about to go out and look for this one.

5) Sorry to all blondies out there but this is just tooooo funny. I have nothing agaist blondes or stoopid ppl. They keep me smiling throughout my day. I lovem all....big, fat, small, tall me lovem all.

6) Hell yes! This exsplains alot......................................

I hope everyone has a non sober weekend, I still have half of a bottle of some of the captain. I think I will try it with cream soda, someone told me to try and I love cream soda so why not. Funds are a little low this weekend so I think this will be a real ghetto, window shoppin weekend but even poo ppl can have a little fun. That is when u break out the crappy booze some asshole at work gave u at christmass, it taste like shit but it gets u where u want to be.......Drunk! Just like this~>Spaz


guttergirl said...

Loved your pictures. Have a great drunken weekend

Ranger Tom said...

I'm in lust with the Jim Beam girl...

Cinderella said...

Ohhhhh Ughhhhh! That one pic was funny "How to spot a rich guy" haha

BTW...IT'S ME (SHANNON)..moved my blog.. Have a great one!

Becky said...

Boobs, Boobs, and Boobs! Wait did I say Boobs!?

virocana said...