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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Holy HeyZesus it is working!

It has taken me 4 days to get these pictures up! But it is all better now I think lol. So without anymore delay here is my weekend my trip to Sesame Place in PA.

It was a short 1 hour drive, straight down Rt. One, which was not bad at all. But thanks to the portable DVD player the kids were rather entertained all the way.

Here we have the whole family posing for the family photo ablum. Say "ASS CHEESE!"

Now I am not one to publicly bad mouth ppl but here is proof to why I spend hours at the gym working out, some ppl say I am waisting my time but these are the kinda ppl that say this:

This woman was soooo out of shape that she had to sit down while her family waited in line. Mind u the wait was not long at all. She was out of breath by the time she got to the bench. This picture actually does her some justice because she was enormous. When she sat on the bench only one other person could sit there with her. I do not want to become like this when I am older......and what is a little more fucked up is that she was not all that old. And she was not the odd ball, ppl like her were the norm. In Six Flags they have had to put out mock seats of the ride you are about to get on to make sure your ass fits on the ride. I myself have seen ppl asked to leave the ride because the safety harness will not go down over their gut. Now if that is not a wake up call I dont know what is. And SixFlags beinging the nice ppl they are devised a way to try and keep that from happining to anyone.....they put a test seat at the front of the line. As if to say," Please test your gurth here before you embarass your self on the ride and we make u roll your fat ass down the exit ramp to the nearest pizza pavilon to drown your sarrow in food." Now I am not saying this without some understanding. I know the battle of the bulge is a hard one but these ppl are not even trying, I mean come on all these ppl cannt have thyroid problems. And I like women with meat on them , I like them meatier than most as well but come on now. Too much of a good thing is too much! Hell I see what they are eating from the time the get there to the time we leave. They remind me of cows, in the sense they are always chewing on something....maybe they are cows and just chewing thier cud....nasty. (sorry for that rant but it was really really bad, and it was men and women as u will soon see)

Here we have a grown man being pushed by his wife/girlfiend/babymomma in a kiddie stroller. I kid u not, there are 3 kids in there and him. I wonder if she whipes his ass when he does BM as well? Now see she is round but she has more stamina than him, that is real spanish meat dar ;-)

I know my wife will kill me for posting this pic but I think she looks so cutie all prego. And for some reason lots of the pictures I am posting have this 2 tone look to them. Strange but at least I got them on here :-D

I am not sure what I was taking a picture here but I think I was the woman in blue dress in the blue shoes. She had some tree trunk, power-lifter, watermellon squashing legs on her. Now I say that in a good way, nothing like a woman with a set of legs that look like they could sufficate a man while eating at the Y.

Its Super Dooper Gender Confused Groover! I mean cum on......a pink cape on the greatest super hero of all time honestly!

Here we have the king of the man boobies. I saw some much worse than this butterball but his were the perkiest. I mean watching him walk around was very disturbing, they bounced the way a womans bonkers would, they swaied to and fro and I am sure he would have passed the pencil test. Hell I think he could have passed th beer bottle test lol.....disturbing oh so disturbing...and erotic all in the same breath lol.....I think I will go and vomit for even typing that!

I know why they put this sign up at the batroom entrance but it is still just as nasty.

To sum up my time at Sesame Place inPa A) It was alot smaller than I imagined but as always fantasy is always better than reality B) You get a 2 day pass for the price of one, very cool C) The look on the little ones faces as they see their fav characters larger than life was priceless. I was like watching the look on an uber religous persons face as HayZesus walks by and goes into a bar(with a rabbi, a muslim and morman---good joke really). D) The Perfered parking was totaly worth the extra 4 bucks E) They had picnic tables, one thing I wish SixFlags would put in. F) The Human Zoo was worth the trip becasue there wasnt much for adults to do. G) They need something for the adults, like a bar for the men and a full spa for the women. and H) The Elmo's World show was the best, he sat still for a whole 30 minutes in awe of his red fuzzy god.

Now to help my nerves recover on Saturday I decided to go the extra distance and cough up the money for some liquid relief. I bought some Capt. Morgans rum and went to town. I even went on blog and tried to comment on a few blogs but that word verifiaction thing was killing me. Maybe I should try it after only 2 drinks and not 7. And typing is also much harder to do when they begin to blur. And yes I used diet coke, its the sugars that get u all the time lol.

Now as for Sunday me and the wife unit spent 8 hours cleaning our cars with our new toys. A shop-vac and steam cleaner. Our cars are like new damn it.....well mine is still rather new. Her car has new life to it, as much as a minivan can have but at least it is cleaner than it was on Saturday.


Cherry! said...

Shit I'm going for a run. I've put on alot of wieght and fear ending up looking like that...........

The Real Kidd said...

So glad that you finally got the pics up man.

Instead of Diet Coke, try Coke Zero and Coconut Bacardi. OMG!

Video X said...

picnic tables! holy moly. awesome! nearly unbelievable. that is half the reason i will not go to amusement parks...because you cannot have a picnic. makes me mad. i just hate to buy that crappy food for $1098.

those blue shoes that match her dress are pretty uh ...somethin...but yeah i wouldnt want her to kick me.

i cannot believe that guy is in a freaking stroller. nutjob.

honkeie2 said...

cherry: my thoughts exactly!

kidd: I will have to try it....I will try anything once ;-)

VX: I know I know and now they sell beer at SixFlags....toooo much $$$ for me, I will save my money and bring it in a cooler with me haha.

guttergirl said...

Love the pictures. I think your wife looks lovely. (yes you can tell her that. Maybe she won't kill you then)

Hammy said...

A post definitely worth the wait.

Hammy said...

With the fat chick and the pusher, if you look really carefully, you can see some skinny people in the background. Or did you just Photoshop them in, Honkeie?

honkeie2 said...

gutter: thanks , she has yet to see this post haha

hammy; Thanks but no there were a few...not many but there were some skinnies. I think if I want to see more I might have to move to hollywood