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Monday, August 28, 2006

Another Monday-

Yeah it is another Monday and still no baby. I was not a bad weekend it consisted of sitting in our room staring at her belly waiting for it to pop or something. I swear when she gives birth it will be a damn toddler haha. She is not sleeping to well but I think it has alot to do with the waiting that is killing us. I bet it is pure torture, it isnt the end that gets us; its the waiting.

We have been a bit light in the pocket as far as money is concerned so we have not be going out as much as we used to and since she is about to drop a lung any moment we try to stay close to home. But last night we went out to eat just the 2 of us(well 3 but the other one is still in hidding). We still have the luxury of having my inlaws watch our little man. That was the highlight of the weekend which was cool.

I have not touched a drop of booze in a while, I dont want to be toasted out of my mind when her water finally decides to break. Then we will have to take a cab to the hospital with me reaking of rum. And then the odds I will need medical attention as well, but at least we can share a room haha. I have been sober for about a month now and the urge to crack one open is there but it isnt killing me. But let me tell you , the moment I am in the clear and she is home and happy I am going to get lit up worse than a freak fire at a fireworks factory. Bam, boom and barf! And on that note I soo want to see that beer movie that is coming out. I dont know the name of it but I saw the preview the other day and I forsee it being a drinking classic. I might even have to go see it with a case of beer hidden in my pants.

And one last random entry because it is Monday and I cannt seem to get my mind to work right so I have diarrea of the blog today. Last week I did something that was really out of character, I gave a random man 20$ for gas. Here let me tell you the story:
I was driving to work and I see this guy on the side of the road waving to me. I think my man might be in need of help so I pull over, all windows up but the passenger side window and doors locked-I am want to be a good guy not the guy who got taken for a ride. He says he ran out of gas and did not have his wallet on him. At this point I was thinking,"Riiiight and I just got head from the Pope" But as he goes on I can see this man is to the point of tears. He is about 35-40 years old, a little chubby and wearing attire one might see an auto mechanic wearing. His story is that he was on his way to Newark airport to pick up his wife and kids, he ran out of gas, did not have his wallet, the gas station said they could not do a sale with his credit card company over the phone, he IS an auto mechanic, he is from Toms River and he is in a pickle here. He even offered me his watch in trade for 15$, and I must say it was a very nice Mavodo watch. In hind sight I should have taken it but I could not bring myself to take it. He offered to pay back the money but I did not feel all that comfortable giving out my address to some strange man asking for money. I did not have 15$ but I did have a 20 on me. I really needed that money, no joking, but I really felt this guy needed it more. I am not much of a Christian but I am more of a humanitarian, so I coughed up the money and wished him well. I just hope I did not get suckered, I am a real sucker for a sob story but that usually will only get about 1$ out of me. So it was very out of character for me to let go so much money at once for a sob story. I did not get his name and I did not ask to see some ID, I just felt that if a grown man who did not look like some crack head was out at 0630 in the morning trying to wave down strangers to get some gas money. I also felt that maybe someday this act will come back to me and some stranger will help me out when I am down and out. So here is a little note to all of those people out there that are not willing to help out a fell man/woman when they are down. There are alot of evil people out there who will fuck you faster than GW will declair war on some country but keep in mind there are some angles among demons out there in need of a hand. Next time you drive by someone in need just think about it as if that was you. Play it safe and keep one foot on the break and the other on the gas just in case you get the asshole, and you can run his ass over for trying some bullshit. Hell that person might be rich and/or famous, just think what might come of pulling over and helping Opera out. I am no fan of her but I would change my tune realllll quick and suddenly become a life long fan of her if I helped her out and she made me her new Dr.Phil hahahahahaha(and yes my name is Phil too lol)

Have a good Monday and just remeber no matter how bad it might be there is someone out there willing to suck dick for a dollar just to get by.


guttergirl said...

I feel your pain. The waiting game is hard to play. I got lucky. All my kids were early (the first was two weeks early, the twins were two months). Best of luck to the wife unit. I hope she pops soon.
I did the whole sure I may be a sucker but here is some money anyway thing too. A deaf/mute handed me his card and asked for money. I don't know how much of that I believe but every once in a while you have to say "what the hell". I only gave him 4 bucks but it was something.
Have a great week.

The Real Kidd said...

Oh wow. I can't believe you guys are still waiting. I just knew I would come in to work today and see a post about the new little guy in your life. Good luck to you both! Hang in there and I'll be stopping back back to see how everything is going.

the_mrs said...

I thought that was very kind to give the money to the guy. I know it's a hard call, especially when that money is needed by YOU! But what you said is true: you never know you may have blessed that man (or fed his crack craving--lol)

Becky said...

I LOVE THAT FUCKING PICTURE!! Almost pissed myself laughing the first time I saw it on vid's blog! Too funny!

AM said...

Oh my God 1, you're so close to have a babyyyyyyyyyy.

Oh my God 2, that is a fucking awesome photo lol.

Oh my God 3, you are such a good person, with all the stories around, I would have never stopped in the first place.

Oh my God 4, you write so much I need a hell of a time to catch up each time I am back, damn!


Wow, that's a disturbing photo! I would contort myself in a painful position to suck my own dick before I would let that "thing" you have captured there touch me!

Cherry! said...

That pic is hilarious!

Bring on the bub!!!