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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Friday, August 11, 2006


Welcome Friday! This has been a long week but not a bad one. Buisy ones go by fast but they also make us really petition for our weekends. It has also been an extra long week for the little woman because this is her last week before she goes on her baby leave. I wish dads could do the the same but oh well, maybe someday.
This weekend shall be a rather interesting one. The little funny that you see at the top of this post is a little insight into what I am about to do this Friday. Now, if it has nothing to do with smoking weed what do you think it has to do with?......I will not leave you hanging:
I am going to a friends house party tonight and the odds are I am going to be the only white guy there. I will most definately have my camera with me for this one, I just hope no one thinks I am a Fed trying to collect evidence or someone from the IRS looking for someone. At most parties I do not stand out but at this one I dont think anyone will any probelm to eke out the one Honkeie. It will be a trip and a half, I was thinking of trying to get this on a teeshirt (see above)but I will not be able to get it by tonight. So instead I will go out and by a hip-hop mag and see what would be acceptable for the white guy to wear. Or better yet I will try and call up Negro-damus and tell him I have a question for him: " What does a white guy where to an party that will be 99% people of color?" I dont want to conflict any colors here and start throwing up some flags that get some peoples panties all in a bunck. This is my first party like this and my wife is very nervous for me, its sooo cutielol. But I think I will just sit back, have a few drinks and take a shit load of pics. I cannt say how much I will drink but if it gets really bad I think I will bring my work cloths and sleep wherever I fall. I try not to plan on what the night will bring and just let everything just unroll as it will. People that try to plan out things too much never have fun, you cannt plan fun it just happens.
Now as I mentioned I will be working Saturday morning so I wont be out to late or drinking too much(lol). Its only 5.5 hours but its all over time pay so I am not whoring out my weekend cheaply. After that I am not sure what is going on, again let the chips fall as they may. Evilution of fun just happens :-).
Sunday I hope to go to Hurricane Harbor. I soooo want to go, I love the water parks. I will have my camera with me as usual. So stop by next week to catch up on Honkeie to see it he got hit by a drive by, over slept, and got slapped my some milf for taking a picture of her with her top off. That wave pool is strong people.

Wave pool Hurricane Harbor SixFlags NJ Summer 2006------First visit------


Lo Lo Lova said...

Have fun at the party, White Boy.

guttergirl said...

Pretty Fly for a White Guy!

Don't let them kick your lilly white ass!

Have a great time. Can't wait for pictures.

Nobody special said...

Well, I think you should go as yourself, but here are a few tips...

DON'T yell "down with Whitey!" or "Panther Power!"

DON'T do the running man, cabbage patch, or the cotton eye joe.

DON'T tell that joke about Buckwheat in a head lock.

And if you are still standing out like a turd in a punch bowl then go with it and start trying to rap. Everyone loves the comic relif lol.

Have fun!!!!!!!!!

honkeie2 said...

lolo:The Honkeie will be dar!

gutter: I hope they sever wonderbread!

nobody: wow thanks for the advise. But I am really good at the cabbage patch ;-)

Acecold said...

I want to go to the party.

Denotsip said...

i want to go too! who be the host, homes?

No_the_game said...

I love honkieeeeeeeeee. I am glad to see you. How r u love? Uh oh ur wife is gonna cut my this sweet talking, shit stiring ass :)

AM said...

Changed my blog's name
ex am_pm

As always... Rachael said...

Get your drink on, whitey!

Becky said...

All I can think when I see a picture like that is all of those people pissing in there, plus all of the other germs they may have! YUCK!