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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend in pictures

This was a long weekend for me, well at least it seemed that way. But by no means am I complaining, I wish all weekends we like this .

Friday night:

We all went out to Fake Italina Food Garden for diner. Nothing to eventfull happened other than I left rather full. Here we have a few pics of me, the wife and Captin Destructo!

Arent they tooo cutie. I should have taken a pic of the table behind the wife unit. It was girls night out there and looking at this group of women a small prayer I heard once came to mind ," Please God if u cannt make me skinny make all my friends fat so I look better in comparison." Because this was the prayer come to life. There were about 9 women and they were all kinda homely and round, now I like round women but they were round in weird ways. Like all ass and no tits, all hips and no tits or all tits and hips but no ass. Then there was the one that was round but in the good way....well in my book anyway lol. She was good from afar but far from good but if I had to pick one out of the 9 she would be it hahahahahaha. But lucky for me I dont have that problem as one can see here..........

I had to go into work for a few minutes but no biggie.
Now I dont know if I said this but I donated my car to the MS society. They told me they were coming to get the car Saturday between 0600 to 1800hrs. Wow, what a window of time! But it gave me some time to make sure the back tire had air in it(slow leak) and I got my radio out of it. It has a new alarm and radio, I left the alarm in it but I will be damned if this brand new Kenwood radio with Sirius capability was just going to roll away from me lol. It was rather easy to take out and luckily for me I kept all the paper work they gave me. All I needed was the little keys that came with it and knife to get it out. Only problem it was hot as fuck in this car and I did not want to leave the door open due to the fact the mosiqutos were going insane on me.

Anyone want to buy a brand new slightly used radio.......that honestly is not stolen?

We had a little Barbq and went for a nice little swim. No biggie but it was nice. We had just enuff charchol to cook what we had so it was a close call on the stake, burgers and dogs. But I was able to pull it off :-)
Now as the night wore on I decided to get some cream soda and add sum rum to it. Someone at work told me it was better than rum and coke. It was ok I think I perfer my rum and coke but I did find what goes really good with the cream soda---Vanialla Liquor. I had this bottle of some liquor that I got when we were in the islands, and I think it is the only place you can get it. I probably can find something like it but it wont be the same. Here I will show u how the night went:

1) End of the bottle need someone to help it on its way.

2) Glug Glug.....ARRRGHHHH!

3) Good to the last drop beotch! It is the pirate in me I quess haha.

We also brought out the air jumper the mother-in-law bought a couple of summers ago. could not get on :-( it had a weight limit of 200lbs max at any given time. I am at 225 last time I checked. Maybe I should go on a diet............naw fuck that I love to eat to much haha. Hell if I want to jump around I will just go out and by the death by air......trampoline. I had one when I was a kid and boy are these things dangerous. But I would totaly get one if we had a bigger yard. And on these things the more one of u weigh the more air you get.


I picked up my oldest and went over to my moms house. On the way over I saw something soooo redneck I felt home sick. This is a boat made in the back of someones house with torch and a case of beer. But all kidding aside I bet this in one hell of a ride. I would love to go out on this for a day of fishing. I cannt catch a fish in a fish tank but I can drink like one so I could be the designated bartender for the ride haha.

After that we went to the park but there werent any other kids there so we only stayed for a few minutes. But the little man was in full throtle at all times. I had to use the 'sport' feature on my camera to get one fo him this clear.

We went back home and went for a swim and cranked up the jumper again. It was a good day, when you have an active weekend it doesnt seem to go so fast.
I hope everyone has a good week, and dont worry Friday is not only 4 days away. But dont push time to much someday u will wish it would slow down not speed up.


the_mrs said...

Great weekend!! I love summer weekends...*sigh*

Acecold said...

Goddang I love the Captain!!!

normiekins said...

looks like you had an awesome time.....that fake italian garden you need to stop....worse than swanson tv dinners.....! :)

Ranger Tom said...

What are you asking for the radio?

I have none in my POS...

Drop me an email.

Cinderella said...

The Captain makes it happen lol

Your facial expressions are too funny!!

Carie said...

the best weekends are the ones spent doing tons yet othing at all :) especially with the family...looks like it all was a blast :o)

honkeie2 said...

the_mrs: i love summer...btw wats up with that pic...toooo funny haha

ace: hell yeah!

normie: no way swanson's are the worst!

tom: not sure yet but I will let ya know.

cinderella: thanks got to smile to be happy lol

carie: yep its the days surrounded with family we will all dream about when we are all dead and gone

As always... Rachael said...

I didn't see any cream soda OR coke in those pictures!!

Becky said...

You just have the funnest weekends don't you!? You sound like the best dad!

awaterpixie said...

LMAO - I love the drinkin pictures - frikkin hilarious!...Um... the picture to the left of the comment screen is MORE THAN DISTURBING.... OMFG


guttergirl said...

I have a tshirt that says "Lord if I can't be thin, please let my friends be fat" I love it.
Looks like you had a fun weekend. I do love those tats of yours. Plus any man who likes their women a little round, is my kind of guy.


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