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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006


-I have been trying to post pictures since Sunday and blogger keeps cock blocking me and it is really getting on my nerves. I know I really dont have any right to bitch because this is a free service and I am using thier space like a free loading relative that one else wanted ....but cum on. I just want to post some pics of me, my family, Sesame Place, me and me again. I love showing pics and I hope it is repaired soon, Hey Morbid I got my save Sreechs House TeeShirt! I paid the extra $$$ to have him sign it much has the needle on my Geek-Dar gone up ? I also got my movie ticket I would from Blingo---and if you dont know what I am taking about go here and take a does work I won!BLINGO
Well since I dont have pics i will have to bo a blog full of words and english stuff.....pardon the errors...I am not no english major here!
-Yesterday my wife had her baby shower and I forgot my camera. But luckily someone had one. But I now have to go and develop them....what the hell is that, I have forgoten all about those days of filling out those confusing little pouchs and waiting about a week or two to see them. And know that some perve probably made doubles of the good ones....and yes they do that, I worked at a DrugFair when I was in Highskool. I got to see all your naughty pics hehehehe. It was always hard to not crack a smile when they came to pic them up too lol.
But anywho....It was held at her job after hours. There was lots of food and the best freakin meatballs ever! I think I have about 4 of these tennis ball size meat snacks. But because of all the goodies I ate the only thing I ate for the rest of the day was one bowl of soup.....and one last piece of cake later that night hahahahahaha. the sweet tooth gets me all the time :-D.
We got all kinds of baby things....duh! About 5 bags worth of stuff, now all we have to do is find some place to put all of this stuff. We are seriously running out of space. We are at the point were if we have any more kids we will have to move out so we can have some where to put the kids. I swear the floor is going to give out if we add anymore furniture in our room.
-Now I dont think I have mentioned it yet but NJ has become a humid hot box of fun lately. It is now 97 degrees and its only is said to go up to 110 with humidity! It is hot but lucky for me I work in an office and refuse to go outside until I go home. But going home is torture for several reasons....One: I am cheap and never turn on the AC in my car and still wont...sweating is free damn it!...and Two: I am cheap and never turn on the AC in my car and still wont...sweating is free damn it! Besides that the drive home is peachyKeen! The manufacturing side of the company I am at has already had several heat related issuses and has changed a few things to help out the little guy. But I feel it really is too little, hell without these ppl the company would come to a hault but they are always the last ones that get anything. Hell they finally go a company picnic, which all companies should do. Employee moral is very very important in my book, with my wife's company I would get a job there just for the parties they have on Christmass lol.
-It is so hot here they have suspened fees at some of the parks and beachs to try and lure ppl out. But unless they giving out free cold beer I am keeping my ass in my own pool with a bottle of Captain Morgans. And I think I also forgot to say our pool has been green for about 2 weeks but now after a week of shocking the shit out of it with liquid clorine(sp) and powder it is clear again. the chlorine is a little high but not to bad, we even took out some water and added fresh water to bring it down a little so we wont strip the flesh off of us as we took a dip. It is that fucking hot, I would risk life and limb to have a few seconds of cool haha. Yes I will be there today ass well!
-I will try later to put some pics up but if u would like a sneak peak go to my flickr account I have put some up PHILSROOM. I have pictures of other stuff as well take a look around and hell start up one as well.
I am off to the desert, I need some food so I have to leave the comfort of my AC cave.


Video X said...

HAHAHHA "blogger keeps cock blocking me"...that's great.

Ranger Tom said...

I was having problems with posting picture too... Got it figured out but now I can't post them in the order I want... Seems like no matter how I upload them they still go where the fuck they want.

morbid misanthrope said...

Yes! You've earned at least 1,000 cool points for helping out ol' Screech. I was watching Saved by the Bell this morning, and Screech is a comedic genius.

I once read it was illegal to have naked/erotic pictures developed. Then a friend of mine took a picture of his nuts and had the film developed. Nothing happened, of course, because no one would report something so fucking stupid.

honkeie2 said...

vx: yep yep

tom: I am about to retry wish me luck

morbid: If the pic posting thingie is working friday i will post pics of me wearing it. I would love to see him do stand up