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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

False alarm Tuesday.

-This Monday was a bit tooo hectic to post and today is even worse so this will be a short post. This weekend was a stay at home kinda weekend. Mainly due to the fact we are very broke at the moment. To the point we had to go into our savings to make sure the repo man did not pay us a visit. This is just a sucky week because of all that is due this week, I think we need to try and get some due dates change to help us out a little.

-But the reason for such a short and crappy entry is the little woman started having strong contractions all last night and we ended up going to the hospital this morning. Turns out it was false labor, so since she was up all last night she is now sleeping like a log and I am at home playing referee with a drunken midget. But we are doing ok all solo, I made us a 3 egg omlete with cheese and hot dogs. We did not have any sauage and hell hotdogs are kinda like sauage any way lol. He loved it regardless lol. Now we are trying to keep quiet while the one called mommy slumbers.

-I think I want to take a nap too, getting to sleep in the middle of the day is a wonderous thing. I have a few pics but blogger does not want me to post them. So I will try again later.


morbid misanthrope said...

I wish your wife good luck with the whole "having a kid" thing. Dude, hot dogs go well with everything--macaroni and cheese in particular.

I spent my entire life's savings on booze at the hotel bar on a one-day vacation. I'm going to go hang myself at my bank. Late!

Lisa said...

Oh I can't wait for pics of the little bambino!! All my love for you and the family and I'll even throw in a little prayer or two!

Cherry! said...

Honks, sorry I haven't been around lately. Busy! I hope the wife unit is going okay and has rested well!

I'm totally hearing you re the money thing. It sucks!!

Becky said...

It just must be that week! I know it is in our house too. Why must all of the freaking bills hit at once!? Take good care of wifey poo, hope all goes well!

Video X said...

oh so close! i'm on pins and needles.

Lo Lo Lova said...

Can't wait to hear the news that baby is born all healthy and happy - and see the pix, too!

We are having money issues as well. Paid for my coffee this am with a bag of nickles...

The Real Kidd said...

I can't wait to see pics of the new little midget! Good luck to you guys! Any day now! You better get some rest! You guys won't be getting any sleep after that new little bundle shows up.