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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Happy Hump Day

Last night I felt like going for a walk with the missus to try and jolt that baby out of the oven with a little physical activity. The wife unit has be having contractions for a while and we believe our next bundle of pooh and pee will be early. I must say I am totaly on edge here, I cannt wait! It also doesnt help that she keeps watching these baby shows on the health channel. All those little people coming out of other womens vagina's sure gets the soon to be daddy emotions going.

Anyway....we went out to the mall and took a stroll around. The whole time we were there she was having contractions, none of them all that close togheter but contractions none the less. We stopped in one of her favorite stores, DSW warehouse and I ended up getting a new pair of sneakers. And yes they were on sale, brand new and whiter than WhiskeyTango(WT or better known as White Trash). I always forget how white my sneakers used to be when I first bought them. They are soo comfortable as well, and I am sure my old ones were that comfy once too but it has been such a long time since my last new pair of name brand althletic shoes, I forgot the feel. If I had the money I would pay someone to make a shoe molded to my foot, but lucky for the rest of the world I am just as broke as the rest of my blue collar nation. But I live among the Red states so I am not really part of the Blue Collar/State life ;-)

After that we all went about the mall:
-The Gap, she has a gift certificate there but said she wont buy anything until she drops her load. Cannt blame her, there is no need to buy any more maternity cloths she is 3 weeks to the end (maybe less :-D )
-The Chocolate Factory, she bought this evil candy apple that had very little apple in it and some candy to bribe the drunken midget we had in the stroller to keep him in it-which came to $9.80! I can drown myself in chocolate at RiteAide for under 3 bucks, what the hell!
-HotTopic, I was eyeing a few items that will be mine soon as the little woman and me can go clubing again. And yes I will be the old guy at the club, but at least I can still pull it off haha. 6 ft 1 and 225lbs, I am looking good ;-) and she will be the 4ft 10 and 110lbs. But she has some work ahead of her to get there but she wants me to help her and I will be her personal trainer. And hell maybe she can be my poster project, "Look what I did for her, I can do the same for you!" I still have the dream of being a personal trainer ........
We left after about a hour of walking about. It was time to eat and she wanted to make chicken soup. Which I have with me today for lunch, damn I am hungry haha.

It is a nice and sunny over here and I think I will take a walk and get me some coffe. Have a Happy Hump Day. The weekend is only 2 more days away, anyone have anything fun planned. I hope to get to the water park Sunday: weather permitting. And yes if I do go I will have my camera with me this time!

Today I am leaving work a little early today, she had a doctors appointment. We have a feeling that this one will be a little early so we will find out later. We have all her and the babies bags ready just in case we have to shoot on over the the Placebo Institute of Sin and Sanction (P.I.S.S.) aka- the hospital. And the little woman has already given me a shoplifting list of things she wants me to 'borrow' from this great and affordable organization. Bed pads, bathrobs, and anything I feel we might need or anything we can sell on ebay. Ever since I took those finger condoms from the doctors office when I was a weeman I have always been compelled to steal from these places lol. I still take finger condoms whenever I see them in the doctors offices. Now I have never taken anything like a prescription pad or anything all the exspensive but I think over the years I have lifted enough medical supplies to start my own supply company lol.


the_mrs said...

I love mall strolling. =) And I understand where your wife is coming from when saying she wants to wait to spend her gift card. I have one for Old Navy, but I'm not spending any of it until I lose some more weight!

Only 3 weeks left?? Where has the time gone! It seems just like yesterday when you found out she was pregnant!! Best wishes for a speedy and healthy delivery!

Video X said...

woohoo! i bet she'd be happy to get that baby out a little bit early! not too early of course...but a couple weeks can't hurt.

i'm all for taking stuff from the hospital...when i went in for my ribs, we got the gown and the blanket...i'm sure you do much better than me of course.

Lo Lo Lova said...

How did the doctor's appt go? Is the baby in position???

Carie said...

wow getting close wooohooo I am so excited for you guys :o)

when I had Ash I took all kinds of stuff from the hospital lol, I took a unch of baby blankets, bottles, diapers...all kinds of things...then I felt guilty when they gave me a huge bag of stuff...I think they felt bad for the teen mommy who had no home lol...

Hammy said...

Love-making is supposed to bring the baby on. More fun that walking around.