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I live in the state of constant confusion. Its the state colored blue on the map. And yes I can find any place on the globe, its all color cordinated! (duh)Asia is pink, England is green and France ....well France felt they were soo much better than everone else they have become their own planet.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

New boxers and the magical lock.

On Monday the wife unit went out shopping and bought me a whole bunch of new boxers. I have not bought new boxers in a long while and the ones I have are rather raggity. Wholes in all the wrong areas and missing buttons that cause all kinds of unwanted cyclospe apperrances. So I had to do the new boxer dance, it kinda goes like this:

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I dont know about the rest of you but I always wash my cloths before I wear them, exspecally undeies! I once saw this show that had a lab woman go around to different stores and test the crotch area of womens underoo's. And 90% of all of the crotch huggers had female residue in them, which is nasty and interesting all in one. Nasty is the obvious part, the interesting covers all kinds of areas. Do all women try on underwear free bottom as to leave a little 'Scent of a Woman'? Or is that just for the nasty skanks out there that like to leave their mark every bathroom stall in the mens room. I have never tried on a pair of mens underwear before buying them, and yes I do have some fun tighty spandex like whiteies(not all of them are white though). Never in my history of buying cloths for myself did I take a pair of underoos off the rack and try them on in the buff. I mean that is just nasty, who knows who might have done that right before me.I like crabs but the kind one finds in the ocean, not hidding in the crotch of some freshly worn off the rack man panties. But for all of you guys that like that sniff worn panty stuff here is your place to get your fix. Just pop into Victoria Secrets and sniff away.

Now onto the magical locker story. Yesterday I went to the gym with the intent to work out my legs heavy. I usually use the same locker, it is towards the back and has this sticker of the white Jesus in it. And yes I say the 'White Jesus' because he wasnt white nor black ppl, he was a jew of the time and probably look very much like arabs we see on the TV. But anyway, I got to my special locker and start to change into my gym attire. Old holy teeshirt, dingy sneakers and shorts that I would never wear outside the gym or home and then I see it: A lock hanging unlocked on MY locker. It looks alot like mine but there is no way it could be mine because mine is in my bag. I take it off the locker and notice it has the same making as mine, so I try my combo and what do you know IT IS MINE! Now this is werid as hell because it was Tuesday and the last day I was here at this gym was Friday. It survied 5 days and 4 nights in a gym that usually swallows everything you leave alone for more than a second. So this has to magical to have survived so long.
I did do a very heavy leg workout, but since I have been at it for a while I am not as sore as I was hoping for. So next week I think I will go just as heavy but do more reps. I started it off with one of my fav leg workouts, the sled or leg press machine. If you dont know what that is here is a little visual:

And by the way that is not me, just some random pic I found on the net. I started my work out with 270 lbs which is 3-45lbs plates on each side. After each set I added one 45lbs plate to each side, and after each set I also did a set of toe rases. Men with no calves look funny, like chicken legs lol. By the time I was at my last set I was up to my top weight as of today 540lbs! That is 6 45lbs plates on each side. That is an all time best for me, but mind you I could only get 7 reps up unlike my usual 10. I did 7 other exercises before hitting the tredmill and was asses out by the time I left. Did I mention I hate running haha. I have upped my protien and creatine so maybe that is why I am not as sore as I thought I would be but the second day is where it really gets you. We shall see.

Well have a Happy Hump day, and just to let yall know.....still no baby. It's inchs away but it just wont come out damn it. Have a good day and remeber a day without some exercise and booze just isnt a day worth bothering with.


guttergirl said...

Here are my requests for future pictures;
New baby picture
Happy family picture
Picture of you and your new boxers.

Just a suggestion.

Carie said...

I check everyday to see when the new baby honkie is gonna come into this silly I buy Ken the goofy boxers lol like the red neck ones or get r' done lol things like that...I am mean I know, but they keep me laughing lol

Cherry! said...

I never try on underpants before buying them. That's just fucking weird.

I love the leg press too!

honkeie2 said...

gutter: No problem

carie: I love larry the cable guy and I wanted to get those very boxers but my wife unit cannt stand him. I drive her to the point of spousal abuse with that "get'r done". I have to be ready to run when I say it, an since I am from Alabama I can do just the same way he does

cherry: U must be one of the few ;)